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Happy Birthday Artur!


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So today it's the Birthday of our good ol' friend Artur's. He's turning 14 today (but he's probably sleeping ATM), So everyone wish him a happy birthday and other type of good things :P I'll get you some special surprise later on in the day.

Happy Birthday Artur :cheers::thumbsup::w00t::gappy:

I know, I overdid the smileys..


I made you brownies :)

Can't send them though, and I don't want to waste them. So do you mind if I eat it all up?

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Hahaha thanks guys. Especially Jace with the brownies and Pedo the bear ;) I'll pay you back the favour next year :P

Well this was something nice to wake up to except for the fact that half the people don't know me :mellow: Whatever thanks again everyone!

I know you Mr.Almost Userbar Whore of last year :ph34r:

Happy Birthday! :D

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