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Yesterday I felt another extreme urge to take a shit. And so I did. The first one easily came out. Then I noticed a silverfish in the toilet. I'd never seen one in a toilet before. I though, why not, and took aim and pushed as hard as I could, but nothing came out. Nothing. I pushed harder, and when it finally came out, it missed. I could still feel another one coming, I took aim and tried again. This one was even harder than the first, and so hard that I had to give up.

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Ehh, something must be wrong Chrisman lol.

Well, recently I have gotten more self-conscious. Plus my farts have become more ranker. Lol, so I hold them in, everythings fine.

Went to a friends house to skate, we met his girlfriend and girlfriends cousin[a girl]..we started playing around. Wrestling and such, having a good time. I became very relaxed, enjoying it. Hey, she had a nice smell :) . We were on the ground now, still playing, me letting her win ofcourse. I had gotten too relaxed I guess, cause I had a silent fart come out damnit. I'm not sure if she noticed cause in the end we were like, deeply spooning/cuddling so she must of not noticed. Thank god..but yeah.

A close one.

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