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Favourite Comedians?


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Frankie Boyle.

"The only time i ever want to see Geri Haliwell draped in a Union Jack again is if she's killed in battle"

Jimmy Carr. - Only for one Joke though...

"A good way to amuse yourself if you're ever bored, is to get 4 Smarties tubes, empty them out, and stick them over a cat's legs... Makes it walk like a robot..."

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Ricky Gervais, I saw his Fame tour Live at the Royal Albert Hall on Tuesday, and it was hilarious, very very funny. :D Over £30 for the ticket, but it was worth it. Also, you got a free CD on your chair, it was basically a podcast that he's quite successful at - The Ricky Gervais Show, which a few of you might have heard of, with him, Steven Merchant, and Karl Pilkington, recorded especially for the tour. It only mentioned Fame at the very beginning, and then it snaked its obvious way towards randomness. One of the funnuest podcasts I've heard, though.

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@ The bossman.. reminds me of the radio 1 podcast i heard, Ricky Gervais was doing an interview... He reminisced o the time the paparazzi caught him jogging in his local park with white headphones in.... The headline was....


Also, i like Peter Kay. He was complaining about how people at weight loss groups congratulate each other for losing one lb. (pound), exclaiming 'what the fuck's a pound? I shit a bloody pound'

Ninja E: Stupid, crappy spoiler tags.

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Dane Cook= Comedy Thief

Yep, him and Carlos Mencia are the biggest jokes in the comedy business. Anyways, my favorite comedian has to be Mitch Hedberg. There will never be anyone funnier IMO. Any other Mitch Hedberg fans?

"I was gonna' have my teeth whitened, but then I said, 'fuck that, I'll just get a tan instead.'"

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