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2 boys found dead in a suitcase


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It is believed the trauma may have occurred up to 10 days ago.

That's sick! Whoa, ten days!?!

Something similar happened here last year ... They found a boiled human head in a bag near my school ( a small creek ) :mellow: The murderer butchered the man, sliced him, boiled him and kept his remains in the fridge and after the he threw it into the creek o_O

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Who the fuck cares what TAFE is? Considering there's 2 dead dudes found in a suitcase in a pond.

I would also like to say, quoting myself....

Divers dragged the pond for clues and recovered a number of items, including clothing and a knife, but police said they had found nothing of immediate significance.

Oh my fucking god. As if they are that fucking stupid.

Officer: 'Hey, yeah we got 2 dead kids found in a pond, wanna dive down there and look for evidence?'

Diver: 'Sure thing'


'All we found is a potential murder weapon and a set of potential murders clothes...'

Officer: 'Aww, to hell with this, let's go get lunch.'

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