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What Do You Think Of The HUD? SPOLIER


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Very good and different, I think the information on the bottom left is a good idea to. I reckon overall its a good HUD, but I wasn't fussed with the HUD anyway.

Erm, that's the caption from the magazine :D. The game looks great I can't wait 2 weeks after release!

Oh damn, I feel stupid now :thumbsdown:

I thought it was one of them info boxes that says something like 'Press L1 to pick this weapon.....'

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I'm more used to the idea of a HUD like the previous GTA games, with the wanted stars, health and armor displayed in top-right corner. Don't get me wrong, it looks pretty good, just not what I'm used to...

Like San Andreas, wanted stars will appear in the upper-right corner only when you have a wanted level.

Good HUD, much cleaner but still shows a lot of information.

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Thats because people are scared of "New". I personally love it.. I hate games that have way to much crap going on in the hud. To distracting from the actual game play, But i will admit that the weapon icon is kinda out of place..

But other than that its nice..

Eh who cares.. We are all gonna play the game, and prolly wont even notice the hud while we are busy causing havoc in LC :)

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