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Talk about the worst thing in San Andreas.

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coperate nothing, when did you come back?!

You wernt at the GTA place for like, 5 months or longer :blink:

were you busy playing San Andreas?

anyways, i think there needs to be more rewards when you get 100%. Proboly because alot of things you get in VC, are already in SA. Like getting gang members to follow you, you get it at 100%, but you can do that in SA aanytime

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the Girlfriends. it's a nice touch to the game. and it would be great if planned out more. but i think it;s the worst bit of SA.

it's annoying when you're just messin around in Los Santos and then Barbara calls you from all the way over in Venturas askin for a date. and you're like, man i can't be arsed goin all the way to Venturas. it's just annoying

there is also eating and losing your well earned muscle but thansk to the 'Never got hungry cheat' that is no longer a problem

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Usually it's something to do with the clothes you are wearing, like if you have too much on or something, try completely stripping CJ (at least as far as it lets you) then try, and put only one type of each clothing on, not 'layers' of it.

Thanks dude I will try that as soon as I get my Playstation back from Sony®.

By the way don't mean to get off topic but the new skinny PS2 scartched my GTA:SA CD. HAs anyone else had that problem?

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No. I was just playing it and I hear this noise from it and my game locks up. I took it out and it had three ring scratches around it. I was really mad because I had just beat all the Chiliad Challenges. I can still use the game it's just everytime I try to fly a plane or go in a certain area it locks up.

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