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Red Ring of Death!

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Ohhhhhhhhh Myyyyyyy Gooooooooooooooooodddddddddddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got the Red Rings tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How messed up is that?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

TWO DAYS BEFORE RELEASE!!!!!! WHY GOD??? :cry::pissedred::thumbsdown::bashhead::wtf:

Do you know what the problem is?

Hold down the white button near the tray and press the tray eject button 4 times. Tell me which of the 4 sections lighted up when you did this combination 4 times.

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Why does the ring of death happend?

it happeneds if you leave the console turn on a lot of time

Not true. It happens because Microsoft was stupid enough not to put a fan and therefore heates the system up a lot quicker then expected. Just keep it in an open area with a lot of fresh air to prevent this.

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that blows ! :pissedred: but quit bitching I have wasted through 4 X360 1 on the relese day of saints row and another on the relese of halo 3!

best buy got me a new one every time! :lolbounce:

Think before you post. Those games are FAR from what GTAIV is. If I were in his situation I would shit myself crying and go on the forums to inform everyone of how pissed off I am and make sure Chris and Sky hear my cries and put the new in the news section of the homepage!

Today, 28th April @ 11:59PM.

Rainbow Six, an average member of TheGTAPlace forums has chucked a spaz at all the members because his Xbox 360 broke after he pre-ordered his copy of the upcoming GTA sequel, GTAIV. Rumors say he was playing a game known as Driv3r the night before which caused his Xbox to break. Discuss this in the forums.

Well, maybe not but I would cry like a baby.

Edited by Rainbow Six
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Dude that sucks ass! Im happy my PS3 doesnt get the RRoD eventhough i leave it on for like 8 hours straight but i did my own shit to it. I tipped over a hot cup of tea right on it and all the tea went inside the disk tray thing and then when i shook it water dripped out and i was about to cry but then it randomly worked again exept for the disk tray... Thats fucked for ever so now i gotta push the cd in by myself as it doesnt go in automatically. Still atleast it works... I feel really bad for you dude and its sunday so theres not much you can do...

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