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The ^<v Game


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^ Might be allergic to apples.

< Is tired of idiots who don't know how to play, so will now go over this ONE LAST TIME. When posting the ^ part of your post, you do not respond to the last person. You DESCRIBE THE LAST PERSON. Is this really that fuckin' hard to understand!? God damn, people.

V Will probably be an idiot and do exactly what I just said not to((even though you really can't in this scenario)).

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^ Is a wiseguy. Thats not a good thing.

^ t3h pwnz0rs!!!111eleven!!!

< Is sick, and therefore couldn't make my appointment to fly to Jupiter so they took off with a robotic mouse and a robotic cat, to kill them.

V Is a MOD, SUPER MOD or ADMIN at this site.

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^ Knows Genocide and is right on liking MGS and wrong on the real name with an R. Could possibly like MGS as his name is Ocelot (Revolver Ocelot)

< Almost beat the last San Andreas mission, when my anti-virus + anti-spyware made me alt+tab out of SA which causes crashes in XFire.

V Has Beaten San Andreas.

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