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The ^<v Game


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^must hate his mother to let her bang a teen

<will stay up all night and play gtaSA till my eyes bleed(not literally)

v is gonna be insane in the future and kill a gorilla and eat it

^ Correct, if the future was yesterday, and today is tommorow, making yesterday tomorrow.

< Running DXDIAG on my PC....

v will vomit NOW

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The amount of whores I get through, I need several closets when I'm finished with them all.

^ Nope, like I said above. Running out of space now.

< Has 2 heads on his mantelpiece.

v Is secretly planning a coup against Chris.

^No, of course not! :innocent:

<Sleepy :zZZ:

vThinks I'm a jerk :awecry:

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