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Your Race



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  1. 1. What do you consider to be your race?

    • White / Caucasian
    • Black / African / Caribbean
    • Hispanic / Latin
    • Middle East (Israel, Egypt, Iran etc)
    • South Asian / Indian / Pakistani
    • East Asian / Chinese / Japanese
    • Pacific / Filipino / Aborigine
    • Mixed / Other

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East Asian..Chinese..But the eyes? o_O Yeah a lot of Asians do have smaller eyes, mine are in between, not too big or small..

It's a pretty touchy subject about black people using the internet, I for one couldn't care less what race of people I meet, as long as they're not assholes but Chris does have an odd point, I guess black people like time outside or with friends w/e more then the internet and gaming.

Lol, I don't see any black people in my street right now, but there are some here where I live. It's getting more common to see people from different cultures and different climates in the UK. The population of these people, In my opinion is getting higher in the UK, especially from the likes of the USA, Jamaica and African countries mainly.

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mcdonalds.com americans. :P

What? McDonald's kicks ass. Then again, I don't eat there every day like half of this fatass country.

The potatoes from McDonald's kick ass! I just love it. McDonald's really kicks ass, what's up with people hating it because it's popular?

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you forgot porn black people seem to love porn though about everyone in my school owns porn

No I think 99% of men love porn, regardless of race :P

The funny thing about some of these stereotypes we have thrown around in this topic is that some of them ring so true for so many.

If ever I walk past my local KFC, I always see a number of black people eating/ordering in there... and considering 98% (literally) of my town is white, that says something.

And yes, as chris82 said, many British folk do have horrendous teeth.

Oh and fast food restaurants are fine as long as you don't frequent them.

Anyway we're beginning to go off topic with this.

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Dont know what to pick...Im stuck between two choices...I cant just pick one...

Just pick "Mixed/Other" and specify later. It's not like someone's got a gun to your head demanding that you choose ONE, unlike these goddamn end-of-term tests.

i love the way you compare race to end of term tests...

@gerrard, yeah they lived there for their childhood and adoloscent periods at least

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