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Your Race



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  1. 1. What do you consider to be your race?

    • White / Caucasian
    • Black / African / Caribbean
    • Hispanic / Latin
    • Middle East (Israel, Egypt, Iran etc)
    • South Asian / Indian / Pakistani
    • East Asian / Chinese / Japanese
    • Pacific / Filipino / Aborigine
    • Mixed / Other

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What do you consider to be your race?

If you're mixed, either choose the race you consider yourself to belong to, or choose Mixed / Other.

Replacement for failed topic which mentioned religions etc.

Do any black people play video games? Are any white people poor? Do Asians all have slitty eyes? This poll is the only way to find out.

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Caucasian here.

I'd be VERY surprised if there are any more than a few black people (African or Caribbean) here. Because, 1) I have NEVER seen a black person post their pic in the post your pics topic. 2) I have NEVER heard someone with a black sounding voice on Xbox Live etc. 3) I personally don't know a single black person who has an interest in videogames.

But maybe I'm wrong.

EDIT: Just to clarify, obviously there ARE black people who like videogames, my point was it's just very uncommon it would seem.

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Me, I'm British White (Caucasian).

I was born in York but I moved up to Falkirk and there are a sheer lack of Asian People, Black People and Indian People here. I have known a few in my life but none of them seemed to like or even discuss Video Games. This is because of Scotland's strong racism against people from different countries (Such as Pakistan, India) but I do know an Asian who likes playing Grand Theft Auto games, but there is a difference this time because he is Chinese but was born in Northern Ireland.

As for the "Are any white people poor?", All I can say is that I am a Lower-Middle Class of Falkirk (Miles above the Poverty Line)

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In all honesty, who cares what race some person is of? :P Meh.

When we order barely-legal African hookers, we expect them to be that! Not elephants like that one night. Remember, Sky? The one you told me to never bring up again? :erm:

Anyway, I agree. Who gives a shit about race? Like being *insert ethnicity here* is going to make you any less of a douchebag.

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I kinda wish I did have slitty eyes. It'd probably make it more obvious (to dumbasses) that I am part Asian, instead of Hispanic which everyone, and I mean fucking everyone, mistakes me as.

yeah, i find them kinda physically similar to southeast asians. but if you go here in my country, people are diverse, there are chinese-looking filipinos like one of my buddies, others are indian-looking too. but still ,malay-looking filipinos predominates the country.

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