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easiest misson on SA


easiest mission on SA  

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  1. 1. easiest mission on SA

    • fish in a barrel
    • fender ketchup
    • big smoke
    • sweet and kendel
    • ryder
    • beat down on B Dup
    • Grove 4 life
    • wu zi mu
    • end of the line

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Well, Fish in a Barrel is a cutscene, as well as Big Smoke, and Sweet and Kendl. Beat Down on B-Dup is just a bit more than a cutscene, so I don't think it should count either. As far as the remaining choices, for me it would be a tie between Fender Ketchup and Wu Zi Mu. I love the races!

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Fish in the barrel is simply a cutscene.. Well, other than cutscenes..

Easiest : Ryder (You just gotta drive to Pizza Stack and back.. Lol, oh and with a little distraction from Mr Pizza Man)

Most Challenging : End Of The Line.. Obviously.. I said challenging, not difficult. I beat it on my first try.. I WAS FIREPROOF.. (I need more of this kind of missions!)

~ Peace ~

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