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Post a pic of your City/Town


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That's not too long ago

Since my town is kind of in the middle of nowhere, I can't get decent pictures of it because Google is shite and so is other websites. Why would you want to have a look at the town and it's tallest buildings? The tallest buildings being numerous blocks of flats, a steeple and a church all dominating the "view" most of the time.

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I live in a place called Scarborough, a district of Toronto, Canada.

Here's a few pictures I found on Google:

This is a Highway leading around the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) in Scarborough during Rush Hour (Google)


The skyline of Scarborough (from Wikipedia):


And here's the Toronto skyline, featuring the ever-so-famous CN Tower! (Google or something)


I'm going to upload pictures of my street later.

It's Winter right now. :D (my pictures, taken by me)



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