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Post your mugshots v3!


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Well, i got a few pictures here... Pretty old though, but still...

I decided to post all of those at once, as I dont know if I'll get on soon again.

*(That sound on airplanes when the "Fasten Seat belts" light goes on)* If you don't like it, please, STFU *(sound on airplanes when the "Fasten Seat belts" light goes on)*

This is the whole 8th grade some days before the graduation...

See if you can guess who I am.


I jumped there at the last moment.


Before i was going to sing at school.

I sung "Ring of Fire", "Cocaine Blues" and "It's allright mamma"


Yeah, it was a nice day... That's the "Tennessee Three", the two guys beside me was playing Harmonica, and the gal just got there in the pic 'cause of the hell of it... She's a great gal.


That one was at the graduation ball;

And thats a pretty good friend of mine (Allthough, i allways wanted something else...), Gabriela "Gaby" Bravo; She was standing on a chair for the pic...

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GTA gal never posts a pic on our own Forum, that I know of, but nice to "SEE" who I talk with! hahaha

I got more, I think I've been lazy, Working with my buddy Mike to build our own GTAC website and though it's growing, there's few taking part still, the lack of GTA games is not helping one bit! We hope to cover a GTA 5 sometime this year!!

Ok, I have a big one here from the ole' webcam, but maybe TOO big for this??post-44610-0-73795800-1298247582_thumb.jpg

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