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If you could replay a year....


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Which year would it be?

For me it would be 2007

2007 because it was just the best year ever

- I got a PS3

- I got San Andreas (lol)

- I got Vice City ... and LCS and VCS to complete the set

- I didn't have to think about h/w and assignments, year 8 was so easy

- I got into shooting games

- All my friends were together in a group... 2008 fucked them up, all separated

- @ School we used to hang around in a lil "Prayer Garden" where there's a pond with fish, it was our Grove Street, but now they're building a new 3 storey building there, even though we have enough. (Bah stupid 2008 ruined everything)

- Like I made a thread for some time ago, about this girl that changed

- I joined GTAF and TGTAP

hmm, there were lots of those little things that happened

What bout you?

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probably either 2005 or 2007

2005 because :

- I joined TGTAP

- lots of friends

- I'm graduating

- best vacation ever

there are plenty of others I won't tell

2007 because :

- I came back in TGTAP

- lots of friends again

- adventures around my town

- renewed my interest in GTA

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2008 or 2007 was probably my best years ever.

2007 because:

I started to attend Falkirk High School.

I left Primary school

I enjoyed doing stuff at home more than other years.

2008 because:

It was actually hot in the summer.

I started S2 in high school - picking my own subjects rather boring default ones such as Art, Geography etc.

I went to Florida in April

I went to Alton Towers in May

I had three girlfriends during the course of the year

The Christmas was great because I was given a Xbox 360.

I started to stop using 'get' which really sounds awful and boring.

I passed all but one of my April exams

I passed all of my credit prelims (Biology not inclusive unfortunately)

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Probably last year, it was a great videogame year. I finished my first year at Uni, got some decent results, bought a PS3 and 3 games, went online for the 1st time on COD4, played GTA4 to death and loved it, had some great birthday parties with friends, had an excellent Christmas, and a few other minor things that I thought was quite neat. I didn't really do a lot when the new Millennium came in, I was at a party with friends and family, we all counted down, did all the party poppers and that, but I don't remember much else.

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2007 was pretty awesome for me on a number of levels. Only exception being school, but I'd go through that for the rest of the awesome stuff.

After that, 1991 probably. Didn't even have to move, even to crap, for the most part.

Lucky you, I had to keep moving in 1991 or I wouldn't have been born.

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I'd like to take my life back a decade, to 1999, when I was 11 years old. In 1999 I finished primary school and of course you have to go through the decision of what secondary school to attend.

I'd choose what was then my second choice. Not to say the choice I did make was wrong, it's just in hindsight I don't think it was the best one. I recently read up on the Butterfly effect (no not the film, the actual theory) and I believe this is the small change that would drastically change my life for the better. Again, not to say I currently have, or have had a bad life, I just think it could be a lot better.

I went through secondary school with a small circle of friends, some really good ones though, though we are no longer in contact aside from being friends on Facebook. The only downside to not taking that choice is never meeting them, but I believe if I went to my second choice of school, I would have had a much larger circle of friends, a circle that would actually include girls this time. I'd have a lot more confidence and would have made different decisions on subjects to take for my A levels, which in turn would cause me to probably choose a different subject to study at university.

Good thing about this choice is that in all likelihood, I'd still create a website called The GTA Place 2 years later. By 11 I was already heavily into computers and videogames, I'd been around them and even using them since I was just 4 or 5 years old (thanks Dad!), yeah, that young, Windows 3.11 for Workgroups FTW! So yeah chances are I still would have picked up the GTA games. The friend who first let me play GTA3 on his PS2 I've known since I was born, so that wouldn't have changed.

So you see, I'd still have all the nice things I like about my life now, but additionally I'd have a lot more friends, probably even a girlfriend, probably have a better career path ahead of me too, rather than the shitty one I have right now. All that changed was my choice of secondary school. That's why I'd like to go back to 1999 and replay that year, so I could make that choice.

I think my answer was deeper than anyone else in this topic, so yay for me! :lol:

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If I could replay a year... Well, actually I wouldn't.

The reason? Well because right at this time, my life is going great, everything I've done so far is going awesome, and by the weeks, it's getting either worser, or better. That obviously happens to everyone, you can't expect to have a great life all of a sudden, just certain period end up turning awesome, and some may turn worse, I guess that's the cycle of things for me anyways. If I ever did end up replaying a year, it would be when I was at Secondary School. Probably the start of it. I should of ended up working harder in class, and if I did, I would of been in a top class, and would of had new mates, but even though I didn't end up in some top class, I still ended up making some great friends, and ended up with alot of good GCSE results, along with being at a nice college, and a great future ahead.

So for me, I wouldn't change the dial backwards since I could probably making it even worse.

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The whole time reading through this topic, I was like "I wouldn't" .. so, I'm with TM. I just got back from Florida (terrible trip to be honest, just sucked) and well. I learned a lot of things about myself. I know what I want to do for College (Want to go into Forensic psychology or counseling psychology) and eh. I'm going places, doing much better than I ever was in the past.

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