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New Layout Preview


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Yeah I've been hinting at a redesign for the main website for quite some time now, finally Dennis has got around to doing it for us ( I would do it myself but Dennis is so much better at Photoshop there is no point, and I'll be doing all the PHP/HTML anyway)

Dennis says he is 60% complete with it now, thats just the main theme though, we'll have different colours for each game's section of the site. I keep nagging at him to get it done :P

So far he has showed me and a few people I showed last night a preview of the header and background texture.


What do you all think? Everyone has liked it so far, comments, suggestions, questions are welcome.

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Since loads of people seem to not know Dennis I shall explain (part of the reason I kept this site going he was ;) )

Back in the day (a couple of years ago) The GTA Place was beginning to be noticed, I had just bought the domain and we had PHP available, and thus wanted a forum.

At that time Dennis owned GTAXplorer.com (doesnt exist any more) and had a few mods and skins on there. We affiliated for a while and we both wanted the same stuff (forums, downloads etc.) so we merged the sites.

I got all the downloads and we decided to get PHPBB forums (that was a mistake)

We both adminned for a while. Later I learned of his awe-inspiring graphical abilities in Photoshop, and whenever we got a new design, Dennis would make the images for me, I would do all the other stuff on the site.

Dennis has always been sub-active in the past, and is now inactive on the forums, we talk on MSN though, and he's still admin because he is someone I can trust if something goes wrong and nobody else is able to sort it out.

Anyway I helped him out with PHP quite a few times, so he is now making a layout for us, effectively as a return I guess.

That's probably all you need to know. ;)

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Yeh that looks better, also i can add emoticons to ur site if u want, but i guess u don't trust me ^_^ .

Eee.. I hate when n00blings think they can help experienced Admins do their job. -_-

Also out of all the GTA sites I'm pretty sure we have the most abundant source of emoticons out there, as if we need even more...

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