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Your first console.


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Now that 2010 is coming and it is the end of the 2000s decade and the start of a new one..

I thought it would be a good time to reflect on what gaming has left us in the past.

what was the very first console you ever played/bought? What games also did you like with it?

For me it was the Sega Dreamcast. Bro got it in 2000. Still remember me playing Sonic Adventure, Shenmue, and the first GTA i have ever played: GTA2 on dreamcast.

It broke in 2002 or 2003:(

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Would the original Game Boy count as a console, or not? That was the first type of console I had, probably back in about '93 or '94. The PSX followed in '97. I stil have the GB in working condition in my beds drawer, and my PSX is on a shelf in the room I'm in now, still working but not plugged in. I played the SNES or NES around my cousins when I was young, so that was the first console I played on, probably in the early to mid '90s, maybe '94 or '95. Mainly Golden Axe, Streets of Rage, Shinobi, the Sonic games, all good stuff.

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The very first I remember was the Sega Mega Drive. Oh... Those were the days. From there I played on both NES and SNES (I never owned it but had a cousin brother who use to play it). Then I got my hands on a Gameboy, and mainly started playing on that. Afterwards I got the Playstation and that's when I really got stuck into gaming.

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NES i think. we had (still have) that with 2 controllers, the gun, super mario bros / duck hunt in one cartridge and some golf game "Golf" was the other cartridge.

then sega mega drive, ps1, ps2, ps3.

i find it funny that my parents didnt buy any of those consoles, except technically the PS2. but i sort of tricked my mum into getting that when she was getting a new phone (buy this phone on xx plan and get free ps2). when we got to the counter "here's your free ps2" my mums like "wot?"

sega mega drive would be the first one i remember playing. had some awesome games on that, the sonic ones of course, golden axe, streets of rage, super hang-on (motorbike racing), i remember i had a "6 in 1" thing too. i played desert strike at my cousins. pretty much all those games now i got on emulator :)

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Mine was the Coleco Gemini after the 1970s black and white solid bars and dot based Magnavox Odyssey gaming system, featuring Pong, Smash, and Tennis!

Still have that one, the Gemini played Atari 2600 carts and has since gone missing.

After that, Sega Genesis and Master System adapter, I played those old consoles in the stores where they were set up as demos, if not spending quarters on coin op arcade originals!

After Sega, went to CD based Sega add on, then Goldstar/Panasonic 3DO

That had Road Rash, a major hit in the higher res.

Need For Speed original series debut

Then I wound up with Sega Dreamcast and Sony Playstation

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Hm... not really sure if my parents just didn't have any other consoles to play but I was young already growing up and playing the PS1 and the continuing great list of games my parents and their friends played. The first actual console I bought was a PS2 but even then I parents already had bought me one for my birthday years earlier but I broke it, thus me having to buy my own.

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