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Best thing about san andreas...

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what ur favorite thing to do in san andreas?

Theres a lot for me though, i like the fact that there are gyms so u can get bigger,strength and stamina,schools(for getting ur license) and stores for eating to gain energy

Also i like the fact that you can get places a lot easier like taking a plane, a train ride,by car,by boat,by swimming, and a lot of other ways

and lastly one of the best things to do is the fact that u have total control, like ur bored u can go to the bar and play sum pool, u can go to the club,get sum hommies and go shoot up a block, go to the casino, go fix up sum things on ur car, or even go to a lowrider meet, wit this game almost anything is possible in games nowadays

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The sims like meter for Stamina, Muscle, Respect etc.

The ability the climb walls. (Great way, to evade cops)

Finding hidden places all the time. (Last night I jumped off the top of that really big sky scraper, in Los Santos, that I didn't know, I could go into)


Modifying cars.

Breaking in people's houses.

I could go on and on, but you get the point. lol :bleh:

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