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Sexual Preference

Jezz Torrent


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  1. 1. What is your sexual preference?

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    • Gay
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    • Not interested in sex or love at all

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Not sure who made the comment about anal sex being only limited to gay people. Obviously you're underage because your lack of knowledge is evident in your post.

Many women also enjoy anal. I mean take a look at the porn industry. Haven't you ever heard of Seemore Butts? I mean his TV documentary style show even airs in the UK. He's probably the most famous pornographer in that particular niche.

Moving away from the sexual aspect. I'm suprised at how popular this topic has become, 14 pages of discussion...

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I'm Straight.


thats nice for you but you can say more.

QUOTE(Righty @ Sep 1 2006, 04:37 AM)

I think anal sex is wrong between a man and a woman and two men.

I dont find it wrong but I just dont really like the idea to be honest, its just me. But everyone has different views about things. I dont find it wrong but it wouldnt be for me.

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There's a lot of things people do that they weren't designed for.

Alcohol? Smoking? Drugs?

Kissing a member of the same sex doesnt harm anyone - its just a difference, like any other.

Anally penetrative sex, as with oral sex and masturbation, may not be what those respective areas of the body were made for, but its all been done for centuries.

Smoking, drinking and taking drugs are all lifestyle choices that the person has made at one stage. It may not have been through a lot of consideration (eg taking drugs whilst drunk) but they could have just said no and walked away. (Obviously being spiked etc is different)

Sexuality is not a decision. I don't know whether its determined at birth or through environmental factors later in life, but I certainly had no choice.

However, I do have a choice whether or not to practice it. I could just say 'no' and refuse to have any relationships with a guy, but that wouldn't do anybody any good, and would only please the homophobic preachers.

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I don't know whether its determined at birth or through environmental factors later in life

That (through environmental factors) is "wrong". Cause the way you r comes at birth, if you let's other ppl invluens you. As example, if you friend is "bad", And you give it a try to, when your actually just straigt.

Being gay is fine. But I do think being influencd is wrong.

like you said here

To find out for sure, you have to be open to the possibility that you might be gay. But also you have to remember that you might not be after all that.

Just notice who you look at. If you keep your eyes on breasts all the time, or if you think hunky guys are nice. Thinking a guy is good looking doesnt mean you like them, and it doesn't mean you're gay. But if you think about it a lot, and like to see them topless or whatever, thats a bit of an indicator.

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I'm straight...i don't find guys atractive at all...i can tell if a guy is good looking but i don't find him very atractive :) I have nothing against homosexuals and i think it's a persons right to choose wich sex he prefers...If i found out that one of my friends was "bad" i think it would be ok as long as he wouldnt try to get me in to the gay thing

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