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do your parents get mad cuz u play gta


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My parents don't really care that I play GTA. They know I'm not gonna go on a shootout with the cops in real life, and they got me all of the GTAs from GTA2 to GTA:SA. The only I was told not to do is say that I beat hookers with bats when I first started playing. People might've taken it the worng way.

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To be honest, every game we had played so far must have some kind of violence because without violence, the game is not a game anymore. Either we play GTA or not, we will somehow be influenced by the violence considering other games we had played that also contained some violences. As for me, my parents don't care about it at all as long I don't go outside and pretending to be like Fido, Tommy, CJ or whatever, and I know everyone is intelligent enough to know acting out a game character in reality is totally retarded.

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