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Great Browser Poll


The Great Browser Poll  

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  1. 1. Which browser do you prefer to use?

    • Firefox
    • Internet Explorer 7
    • Internet Explorer 6 and below
    • Safari (Mac)
    • Camino (Mac)
    • Opera
    • Mozilla
    • Netscape
    • Other (please specify in reply)

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Avant is shit*. It requires IE6 (at least) installed, so therefore only works on Windows. And what's more, it uses the Trident rendering engine (which IE also uses) so all the websites that IE fucks up also appeared fucked up in Avant.

*In my opinion.

By the way, Flock is good. Does anyone here use it? It's a customized Firefox, basically enhanced for heavy users of social networking sites, be it flickr, facebook last.fm, myspace, photobucket... whatever, integrates well apparently. I don't use enough of those sites frequently enough to warrant changing though.

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I'm planning on getting Safari, is is any good?

It runs better on a Mac than it does on a Windows OS. Yeah it is fairly good and the one good feature Firefox could take from it is the search snapback thing... where if you search for something and go through a shitload of results and websites, you hit the snapback button and it goes straight back to the original results page.

But yeah, Firefox is still better, plus you have loads of extensions etc.

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