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Great Browser Poll


The Great Browser Poll  

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  1. 1. Which browser do you prefer to use?

    • Firefox
    • Internet Explorer 7
    • Internet Explorer 6 and below
    • Safari (Mac)
    • Camino (Mac)
    • Opera
    • Mozilla
    • Netscape
    • Other (please specify in reply)

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Compelling argument.

Then again, Firefox is totally vulnerable to tons and tons of exploits, doesn't support skinning, doesn't have 100s of extensions to further increase its functionality, doesn't support transparent .png files, doesn't check spelling, doesn't have a superior rendering engine, and isn't open source.

Oh wait.

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My Mum Disabled IE6/7 because it let in Viruses very Easily

Parent of the year award = your mom.

IE7 shouldn't really allow you to let Viruses pass through your computer. If you have IE6, the chances are huge. But in IE7 you get this Pop up about keeping yourself safe. So basically, IE7 doesn't allow you to do that. ;)

It has some exploits fixed but still more than FF2. IE7 is also naggier and generally more of a pain in the ass.

I see on the poll that Mozilla and FireFox are on different lines. Isn't named: Mozilla FireFox the browser or there are different?

Tell me please. ;)

Firefox was originally just a separate project from Mozilla. Mozilla was a HUEG browser, containing an email client/large download manager/etc...Firefox was to be a small lightweight browser alternative to Mozilla but then it pwned everything and the rest is history.

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