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How did you get here?


How did you arrive at The GTA Place?  

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  1. 1. How'd you get here?

    • Searching for mods/cheats
    • Searching for GTA info
    • Friend recommended
    • From another GTA site (affiliate or other forum)

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I was a noob on gtaforums,I was at 60% warn,but I joined a gang there that was run by one of our older memebers here "JackSpooner" his gang was closing down on gta forums and he had started it up on gtaplace so he convinced me to join and so i did, then I became one of the biggest noobs ever,got myself banned for 3 or 4 months and then came back either a year or 10 months ago,and now i'm here. O.o


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Hey man, well, I don't see any problems that this topic has been bumped and everything, especially when it's a new member and all. So let's just relax man. Well I was looking for info about the GTA-series, and then I found this website, damn I was like thinking, the gta place seems great man, maybe I should join the forums, yeah hell why not, so I joined, and damn... The people here were so damn nice to me when I introduced myself, they welcomed me and everything, damn the people here are damn nice and everything, and this is probably the most friendly forum I know of. Damn good website, has a lot of info about GTA and all, great man.

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