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Your Dream Car

Kitsune Inferno

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^ Sorry, I hate Hummers lol. Which Hummer od you think is the best though?


@ Skyline^: That's why I said they probably don't though. I think that'd be cool but sorta weird and funny that they'd have a Sedan version of it. Offtopic: My cousin Shawn who jsut turned 20 just bought a 03 or 04 Nissan Altima. So nice, it's got 22's, tinted windows, heated seats, BOZE music system(it's an 8 CD changer), 6speed, and has a V8. Basically IMO for a Sedan vesion it's totally kickass.

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best carS ever.

Ummm.... HA...... No..... And let me guess, you bez wantin' a H2 or H3, right? Then you don't deserve to even call yourself a Hummer fan...

From them i like H2

Single worst Hummer ever made. The biggest mistake they've made yet. If you want a Hummer, get an H1. A REAL f***IN' HUMMER.

Dream cars, eh?


Do I really need to show anymore?


I'm sure draftermatt will recognize this car. ^.^

Currently I'm driving this in black:


It's a pretty nice suv. Good on gas, too. ^.^

I'll post more later on, I have to go now.

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Hummers are not bad either.

From them i like H2

But mine is Lamborgini Gellarado


You spelt the name of your dream car wrong.

My dream car is the Ferrari F40. Not that I want that car over any other car in the world. It's hard to decide on a dream car.

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You should move down to Florida. I swear, there's way too many rednecks down here. I'd hate to see the bigger redneck states, like Texas. We have HUGE f***in' trucks all over the place.

:drool::drool::drool: Yes, yes I do. God I love that car.

I love the orignals more than the new ones, but they're a tad hard to find.

And Righty... Nice I love that too.

You'd better have recognized it. I was half-expecting you not to. I would've been ashamed in you. :bleh:

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