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The Rating System


Do you think they should of kept this?  

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  1. 1. Do you think they should of kept this?

    • Hell YEAH!
    • Hell NO!

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I missed the freedom of choosing who to work for in GTA 3 like in GTA 2,

you don't have the 'phone missions' in GTA 3. There are phone missions in

GTA 3, but not only phone missions like in GTA 2, if you know what I mean,

(In GTA 2 you didn't have regular missions)

But on the other hand, you had a story line in GTA 3 so, it would be hard to

choose your own gang to work for. You would get like 3 different story lines!

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Damn, they should have kept it. Being hated by a gang should not be in the storyline. If you have favoritism for one gang, and then after a few missions, the storyline mission requires you kill this person and then, boom! permanent hate for you for that gang.

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How did you colour your text? Please don't.


Its called the font tabs.


replace name of color with, hmm, red and you get this


On topic:

The rating system was pretty cool in 2, i voted hell yeah. I liked pissing a certain gang off, then going and pissing their enemy off and getting back on their good side. It was fun in desperate((bored)) times.

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