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Least Favourite Mission


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zeroes missions u dont have to do at all in the game tip on the mission where u use the minigun use the destroy all cars cheat and repeat it over and over

hope it helped

and wrong side ofthe tracks a tip leave smoke and the sanchez their and do jetpack cheat (l1 l2 r1 r2 left down right up left right down up) then land on train and kill all the vagos then use jetpac to get back to smoke hoope it helped

but the worst is zeroes missions

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Wrong Side of the Tracks is easy even without cheats. Just get ahead and go up on the ramp outside Ganton and jump off the Sanchez, then on the train.

I hated Nap on Earth (NOE), it's almost impossible to stay below the radar and complete it, even when I get close to land the plane, I have to mistakenly fly over Area 69 and have a bunch of missiles after me.

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