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What pisses you off?


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I used to have a Nokia through ATT (the original US phone company), service was good & the phone always worked even

though it was the most basic model. Then Cingular merged w/ them & I ended up getting a new phone, some tiny Motorola

flip phone. They wanted me to go to Motorola to get the cables & software ($60) just to hook it up to my PC to get my pics

off it. When I first got & saw how little it was, I asked "Okay, where's the Barbie doll this thing came with?"

Service sucked (w/ bad dental work) & their accounting was worse. The last straw was when they shut off the phone for an

unpaid bill 3 months past. They showed they received payment for the 2 months since, but not the month before. didn't

make sense to me either. I had the canceled check for the month in question in hand & they refused compensation for the

interruption of service or the non-working voicemail (had several things advertised for sale)

Pissed? I think they were calling the cops by the time I left their store.

They claimed they wanted something like $240 for canceling the contract & I told them "see you in court, w/ my records".

It was the last I heard of it, 3 years ago.

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Mobile phone companies, banks and credit cards are the root of all evil :cigar:

What really annoys me is arrogant noobs who think they own SA-MP Semi-Pro's like me, so they go bombing the LS Carrier in the AboveUltimate server :angry: (Los Santos Carrier is edited into the server by the admins)

EDIT: The fact when I try to add a new friend I can't get it to work at all :pissed:

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Pluto. Its not even a damn planet. Its just a ball of Ice floating in space it should be destroyed because it's useless.

Idiots piss me off. Idiots that have no idea what they're talking about. Idiots like you.

I have text in my sig because I'm too frickin' lazy and stupid to use Photoshop.


You obviously did not get what I was saying. I just get pissed off at people who don't have a clue about what goes on in the scientific community. Should we destroy Jupiter just because it's a giant ball of various gases? No. Should we destroy Mercury because it's too close to the Sun to have an atmosphere or lithosphere? No.

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People who think they're "cool" to not get good grades and etc. Whatever, I hope they know they're cool when they're living in a two-room apartment with three kids and a husband that beats them. :)

damn, lol i think just like you, theres kids in my school who will drop out in grade 10 thinking it will be cool, and they told me they would be famous. LOL yeah famous for being retarded, ending up as a drug dealer or whore..

and the people who think the world will end 2012, because the "myrand calender, or what ever ends 2012, and no, lol i dont really know how to spell it..

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