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What pisses you off?


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Easy to be pissed off at dogs when they crap in the house all the time. Mine go outside, spend half an hour looking gifted

then they come back in & drop a log in front of the door. I think Shitzu is Chinese for "reverse housebroke". but they're as

lovable as they are dumb.

Keep 'em in the kitchen (linoleum floor, easy to clean).

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Like I said, reverse house broke. They go out, do nothing & wait till they come back in. If I leave them out, they get invited

to dinner (we live one block from Chinese restaurant of questionable reputation) People pay for the puppies they make, & one

was a gift from my mother to my GF. Can you say "Frelled" boys & girls? I knew you could.

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Hahaha, Poop-Factories.

Anyway, for me, They're lovely ^_^

I remembered now, when I was in sweden, we lived in some kinda...Hotel, or something, but there, it lived people that either had drug/alcohol problem, and homeless.

So there was a kid there, and one day, we all was playing in a car that was there (I was 10 years old then), and i was in the front, and that kid in near the boot, with another kid, and there was another kid with me...

Anyway, the boot got closed, and he's hand got there, so he got the boot closed in his hand (ROFL), so he went crying inside, and a girl, that worked in that house (Security, Problems, Etc., actually, was more like a Gestapo to me...) came with that kid, and asked him who did it (Close the boot on his hand), and the cockeroach pointed at me.

That pissed me off, realy.

I just wanted to kill that kid then.

Now, I'm more mature, and I wanna torture him, before kill 'im.

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I think I mentioned before, but whatever.

What pisses me off also, is those noobs that write like "lol how r u, i ate a beef be4 and any1 cud throw a pot", Noob talk.

Hope I gave a clear example :)

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This is where I just walk away for a minute. That's the nice thing about having to type things out instead of just saying them.

Things kinda fall out of my head before I put much thought into them.

I look at the post (^), look at the date joined (yeah, I know. About the same time I did. Like I said, things just kinda fall out)

& the rest just happens. Nothin' personal, just the way my mind works.

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I hate:

Parents who can't control their WHINING kids

All my bitchy teachers

Annoying douchebags at school who you can't beat up cause they'll tell (but I will next year ^.^)

Ignorants assholes who won't listen to what you're saying at all

I'll post more later

Edit: OH YEAH! How could I forget...

Hillary Duff (I just wanna punch her in the face)

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ATM Oskar aka Spartan, thinking he is cocky on the forums but probably craps himslef when someone steps upto him in real life

TBH, I don't. I stand up to everyone, that's why everyone knows me as the brave guy. Don't believe it? Well tough. Well I least I don't get fucking erections over some gay PS3 (Oh noes!) and stays in all the time.

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Cheesy Teen Movies, everyone thinks teens are into boys from boy bands and texting messaging like a n00b and being severe slaggybags.

Every student (except friends and aquaintences) in school.

N00bs that uses Online Gamer Talk all the time (I'm gonna PWN you N00B and U R GAY LOL)

Poodles (Don't ask)

Smelly people who never wash.


That is all :cigar:

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