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The Principal's Office


Principal's Office  

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ok whole life flashback.

first in kindergarten it was because i gave my fat friend a bloody nose for kicking a soccer ball at his face.

then in first grade for breaking my friends arm because he was being a dick.

second grade was for ripping this guys shirt.

third grade was for messing with the stuff in the new room for our class.

fourth grade was for beating up this german kid.

fifth grade was for pulling the fire alarm.

sixth grade was for getting in a fight with a huge 8th grader.

seventh grade was for making a race war against asians. well, not really. it was more there was an asian group and my group and there group were enemies for a while. they first beat up my friend after he broke his arm, and thats fucked up. so we all drank rockstar (haha were so not cool) and beat the shit out of all of them. they started fighting back and since our group knew the whole school, everyone joined our side and we followed there group around for 2 days straight. the whole school. 2,000 kids. we eventually had a huge brawl that lead to a few arrests, one expulsion for bringing a knife, and alot of suspensions. we also found out that the "all asians know crazy martial arts" steryotype is not true. they were ruthless, yet shit fighters. i got suspended for two weeks and talked to a police officer (pretty lame) for really starting it and fighting alot. i pleaded not guilty for just having enemies and using self defence.

another 7th grade because me and my girlfriend did way to much sexual stuff at school, too much, and didnt stop when teachers told us to. we eventually got a seperation order for a chunk of the year. but it was okay since we were together when nobody was around (what a dumbass i was)

aNOTHER 7th grade for revolting and not obeying a teacher.

a damn nother 7th grade for beating up this kid because he was violating my girlfriend

8th grade for skateboarding way too much on schoolgrounds.

8th grade for suspicion of drug trafficking. but i really wasnt.

well thats all i can remember for now.

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Alot of you people are lying.I think some of you are just making up shit to make yourself sound tough

you shouldn't have said that man, it's pretty annoying, your story isn't so believable yourself and we believe you, and that quote is a tough wannabe statement itself, no offense ;)

i guess some people are, but as long as they make a funny story, i'll laugh :lol:

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Quite a few times when I was small.. Can't really remember all.

One of them cause a girl kicked my balls and I wanted to kill her then so we both had to go to the Principal's office. Other times just cause I was constantly annoying my teacher so he'd send me to the principal (who usually gave me chocolates :P)

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Back in the day when I was in the 6th or 7th grade, cant really remember, i was called to the principals office for the first and the last time in my life. It was about some kinda hooliganism in the newly renovated toilets :lol: , well i had nothing to do with that, it turned out that someone just tried to blame me <_< , got straightened it out though.

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One of my freinds a couple of years below me started talking about his english teacher. Mr.Wildman.

( i just don't get on with english teachers, okay? - or maths - or art - or music, but w/e)

Me and Jake. (fuckin legend, moved to australia though.)

Sitting in class. Jake had been watching TV the previous night (bo selecta) and they did this amssive parody of how marilyn manson owned a manitee, which he had to send to seaworld due to a severe case of

scrot rot


He started to do the impression... We had alotta laughs. Then, being quite the artist, jake fabricated a picture in his science lesson of this manitee. Next english lesson, he decided that it should have a cape, and we named it 'super manitee', then we added all kinds of crazy shit to this picture (on the front of jakes English book) and then we decided the whole thing should be inside a condom. How young and immature i was.

That was the last straw. We nearly physically pissed ourselves laughing, so, we got sent out by the teacher...

He asked what we we found - and i quote 'so bloody funny'

I, struggling for breath, murmered the words ' a manitee'

Misenterpreted by the teacher as 'humanity'

He looked at us quizzically, asked wtf we were on about, then Jake took a deep breath, and in his most condescending voice said. 'No, a manitee' speakin real slowly and properly. The teacher though jake was implying he was some kinda idiot, by which time i was almost on the corridoor floor for so much laughing.

Jake and Neil go to head's office. Apologize. Go back into english and start ripping the piss outta mR. Wildman because he supports ipswich.

(Norwhich football chants ensued)

So yeah, not bad, but funny as hell.

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i got into trouble just today, wasn't called to the office though, my teacher(some kind of discipliner or whatever it is) called me because i was skipping school today, and i was gone to my friend's house, i said i'm sick, and my friend use his car to drove me to my house, he didn't buy it.

although i've got home because of the call, my friend had to go to school again and explain whatever the hell is going on, he said the principal was mad and hit the table with his hand, my friend got scared sh*tless(that's what i think, who won't??) tommorow i had to go to school to confirm that i was sick and my friend was driving me, but i think i had to take whatever the consequences are, i'm not that scared though <_<

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I remember this one big kid.. Kept making shitty remarks to me. So I finally said, why don't you shut yur mouth.. and I said something really bad and he like barbie slapped my head so I got one of my books and hit him across the head with it :lolbounce:

I got to go home :dribble: And play Vice City so there was no punishment :worship:

Though my principal was really ugly and he was a drill seargent. I wasn't scared though.

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I was sent to the principal's office once in my entire 6 years in middle/high school. In 10th grade we had a VERY weird substitute for Global History. I did my work and got it done. The substitute kept telling me to do my work, I kept telling him it was done. This went on until I was removed from the classroom. It was funny, the secretaries were laughing at what happened.

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