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What hairstyle do you have?


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I have a Cross between a mohawk and an afro. Used to have long Wavy hair a month back, Now summer is here and long hair is hard to maintain with all the dust and sweat. Maybe I'll go for a cut today I'm thinking of trying out Kanye west's cut.

YJ you have remarkable resemblance to Exee E's daughter.

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Try ironing it, Most of the guys here do that. I think it lasts until you cut you hair

Ironing it? No thanks, I cba to spend more time caring about my hair than washing it twice/three times a week.


the only thing i do with my hair besides wash it is style it with gel, i mean screw straighteners what am i gay? (say yes and die!)lol

although i did buy some brylcrem remouldable stuff which is ok aslong as you dont go for a messed up effect which it advises you to go for as you just look like a dick lol well with my length hair you do it probably needs be a little shorter but hey...

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