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Chase's original ID, removed so the internet can't find and rape him...

Chase's original ID, removed so the internet can't find and rape him...



The average Chase fan.

The average Chase fan.





SUPER SONIC LEVEL 4! HE GOZE 10000000000000000000000000000000000000 TIMEZ THE SEEP OF LIGHT!!1! DO NOT TRY TO RACE HIM

SUPER SONIC LEVEL 4! HE GOZE 10000000000000000000000000000000000000 TIMEZ THE SEEP OF LIGHT!!1! DO NOT TRY TO RACE HIM

Oh noes! ED is gonna get DMCA raped now

Oh noes! ED is gonna get DMCA raped now



The cumslut Chase faps to

The cumslut Chase faps to

Attention: Chase now has a new account, ~Chase-the-Hedgehog LOL BANNED. Thank god.

Chasethehedgehog (AKA Captain Badass) is a self-proclaimed Internet celebrity and artist. He believes himself to be within the top ten percent at DeviantART even though he draws like a 7 year old with Down's Syndrome.

Somehow, a /b/tard stumbled across one of chase's Microsoft Paint drawings of Sonic and posted it on /b/ and a link to his page was also featured on the invasion board on 7chan. At least 100 /b/tards visited chase's page and commented about chase's, sad excuse for art. As one would expect, those comments consisted mostly of death threats. Since chase suffers from retardation, he claimed that he had called the police and that they would be coming after all those who threatened him, generating much lulz within the tubes.

Despite just about everyone having now realized the breadth of his epic fail, Chase has recently taken to spouting off about how he doesn't care what everyone else thinks of his work, and how his recent milestone of 100,000 pageviews makes him an hero (despite the fact that 90-97% of his views were in the name of milking one heifer of a lolcow, the remainder being in pity). He is, therefore, a LIVING PARADOX.

Also see Chase's sister,[1]

Wow your dumber then I thought you must be the biggest loser irl lol

— ChaseTheHedgehog, talking to NetaroBlackMage

That's a fairly well done picture of Zapdos.

—Someone commenting on Chase's picture of Super sonic level 4

The Epic Truth

The Epic Truth



* 1 Drama in early 2006

* 2 Journals of lulz

* 3 100,000

* 4 The Concept Art incident

* 5 Chase knows REAL art!!1 SRLSY!!1

* 6 OH WOW

* 7 Gallery of Chase's "artwork"

* 8 The Protect Chase club! 'stop the flamers!!!11'

* 9 What artists have to say

* 10 An Hero

* 11 Chase of Bel-Air

* 12 Gallery of troll artwork

* 13 External links

[edit] Drama in early 2006

A deviantART mod got Chase pwn3d

A deviantART mod got Chase pwn3d

Along with the 4chan raids and all other lulz produced by Chase, the lulz began much earlier in 2006 when he posted a journal about how a flash movie about Sonic dying made him cry. This resulted in many fierce battles between Chase and the movie's author and several other Deviants who enjoyed it. So much lulz was made then that a deviantART mod came over and made Chase close the pool.

A troll account was then made to make friends with Chase, under the name of ToxicKitsune BALEETED, who posted drawings of the kitsune and Chase taking it in the ass. Things got even more lulzy when Chase decided to hold a contest, but all the entries won because they were made of buttsecks. Two more trolls were made, but in the end, all three trolls got permabanned, and Chase left a suicide note, taking all his masterpieces with him.

Nobody is quite sure what happened to Chase after he failed to appear and generate lulz for two whole months. He was long presumed dead, and thought to have sacrificed and essence into the infamous program MS Paint, or sucking cock. However, he recently resurfaced (unofortunately) with a new "Sonic in Soleanna" drawing based off the shittiest game in history.

[edit] Journals of lulz

Best parts highlighted for your viewing pleasure. srsly read these, no matter how TLDR they are!

"smell your dogs underware, because CHASE IS BACK and you are not allowwed on his page"


"I'm famous now o.O"

"You can draw any kind of picture you want as long as Chase is in it."

"I am better than most on DA. In the top 10%. It's OK to be jeleous."

"After my page was spammed I had no choice but to call the cops."

"If you say anything negative in any way about my artwork, you will be banned by the owners of DA!"

"Junk like poems and photographs." (CHASE'S COMMISSION RATES INCLUDED! CHEAP AT 30 BUCKS!

An interpretation of what happens anytime Chase is allowed on the internet

An interpretation of what happens anytime Chase is allowed on the internet

[edit] 100,000



On June 24, 2007, Chase received his 100,000th pageview. Congratulations, Chase! Your failure at life has now been witnessed by over 100,000 people, you must be so proud.

Now his in the top 5% or 6%! Congratulations! Your even amazing now!

Now his in the top 5% or 6%! Congratulations! Your even amazing now!

"its for the big leages" what are you talking about?? I have over 100000 pageviews.. i AM the big leages here.

—ChaseTheHedgehog, talking to sonicgirl21.

After gaining 100,000 views, Chase's ego exploded in a tidal wave of lab-destined sperm and made a picture out of it. Unfortunately, he assumes that each of these pageviews came from admirers of his sad excuse for art, when he owes at least 100% of those pageviews to ED raids. What is in store for the thirteen-year old boy now? Our best guess is that it will include moar Sonic pictures, moar lulz, and moar underage b&.

[edit] The Concept Art incident



Too bad ConceptArt doesn't give two shits if you're a top artist

Too bad ConceptArt doesn't give two shits if you're a top artist

Once again, Chase displayed his amazing awesomness by posting his personal favorites on Concept Art.org. If you don't know, Concept Art is a serious art website, run and created for professionals, and built on the ethics of hard work and constructive criticism. Of course, Chase didn't realize this and spew upon the forums such blatant faggotry, it's amazing the whole of the continent didn't blow itself up in a hurricane of egotism that would put Katrina to shame. Chase, of course, completely ignored what anyone had to say and refused to admit that his art was shit so he could finally start improving. Before things reached their climax, an astute lulzdragon posted a link to the thread on 4chan for all the other lulzdragons to see. The mods closed the threads before any REAL lulz could be had, but the threads still stands for those of you who are bad enough dudes to save the president. also if you are from deviantart and want to spam get a life i have enough of you already!

I have over 100,00 pageviews on deviantart im one of the top artists!!

—Chasethehedgehog on being a twat

chasethehedgehog, if you DON'T have some sort of condition, you're the most ignorant, talentless, rude fucking little CLOWN-PACKING GOBLIN I've ever, EVER met.


[edit] Chase knows REAL art!!1 SRLSY!!1

In an attempt to stem the flow of criticism, chase posted a clarification of his earlier comments regarding being better than most people on DevianTART. For you see there is an important fact that the spammers were unaware of; "Many people on here don't even post art"! Yes, chase is referring to the vast collection of sadly misguided individuals who post "junk like photos and poetry", instead of things that require real artistic skill, like for example... Sonic art!, which is apparently done by many of the BEST artists. After all, "sonic art is not easy to master."

Following in the best spirit of Unwarranted self-importance, chase proceeded to announce that since so many artists work for money, he will too. As soon as his parents buy him a scanner, we lucky people will be able to order pictures from the great chase for prices tentatively set at between $5 and $30, depending on the number of characters, and whether the drawing is to be done in pencil, or full color. When he was PWNED by other TARTlets on his comments page, he either made a exceptionally faggy remark or said an even faggier remark:



with more Fail , shrinking his e-penis by EPIC AMOUNTS. The odds of That happening are the same as dividing by zero.



but photography is not art. its basically cheating artists spend hours and hours creating images themselfs while photographers just hit a button to get a pic. I dont hate photography infact its pretty cool seeing a nice pic but its in no way art. ... and poetry I just dont like at all..

— ChaseTheRetard

Wow, really? I suppose hours of makeup and lighting setup, along with prop placement and stage layout followed by a lot of detailed digital enhancement is CHEATING LOL?

[edit] OH WOW

Chase is now apparently taking commissions. Who wouldn't want a shitty MS Paint Sonic for $15?

[edit] Gallery of Chase's "artwork"








Chase, not realizing that Genesis screencaps with text is not a comic

[edit] The Protect Chase club! 'stop the flamers!!!11'

A group of sad Chase fans (most likely alts) made a club against Chase haters. The Club has a HUGE amount of members (4 fucktards). That includes the famous Chase himself. Chase was made the 'special member' by the Chase fan that owns the club. The journal can provide much lulz in one's spare time.

[edit] What artists have to say

No one is going to fucking rape you. Just teabag you.

— Squid Radiation talking to Chase

and you just are uncreative and crappy enough to steal Sega's chaacters, and visually rape them. Even MySpace snapshots own you

— RuneFaust owning Chase

you are a sad little child.

— PearlHeart, poet, giving Chase the news.

Doesn't matter if you like it or hate it, it's still art. And I won't get started on that photography comment. There are are too many things to say, and you're just not worth the time.

— Even a FURRY hates Chase!

You don't have the talent to take a good photo.

— IZSBHR talking to Chase

Does that mean Chase is going to kill Jews?

Come to think of it, Hitler also started off as a terrible artist... o,O;;

—Best Deviant art convo ever

You know nothing about art. You spend two seconds to draw a shitty sonic doodle while good photographers work for hours just to get a photo to come out just right. It's more than just "pressing a button," you have to have the right equipment so a photo comes out looking better than just a snapshot. You can't compare yourself to them, fanboy. I don't give a shit about what your "opinion" is because your opinion is retarded.

As for poetry, people spend a hell of a lot more time and effort on poetry and other writing than you'll ever spend on your stupid sonic MSpaint doodles. You can barely spell your own comments and journal, so how can you compare yourself to writers?

—Epic winning by BloodstainHurricaneX

"but photography is not art. its basically cheating"


—Another great convo

Excuse me, but you are a retard.

Photography takes hours, even days sometimes. Theres a lot to do, from hours and hours of makeup, to wardrobe, to prop placement and lighting setup, to digital mastering, along with a lot of very very expensive equipment. How you can even compare yourself to photographers is beyond me, seeing as your three-second-paint-doodles hardly pass for discernible shapes, much less 'art".

As for writing, you have no room to talk. You can barely spell your own name, much less write a novel or a poem. And if you did write a story, it would probably be a dime-a-dozen fanfic with no plot or imagination (or grammar) that wouldn't be worth the 2kb it takes up on your hard drive.

Seriously, you have a massive ego thats grossly disproportionate to your skill. You only have those "OMG 100,000 PAEGVEWS" from the tons of people coming here to laugh at your failure. It wouldn't even be so bad if it weren't for you shoving your e-penis into everyones faces like you're some kind of god when your art is on par with something a kindergartener finger-painted.

—slightly TL;DR, but still lulz

[edit] An Hero


Probably not, but the poster of the news said that the death was in a local newspaper.

It is my sad duty to inform you all that on November 29, 2007,~chasethehedgehog was found dead in his bedroom after apparently eating several sleeping pills washed with a bottle of NyQuil. His account will be closed within the next few weeks and his family requests that users immediately cease commenting on his page.


how can you laugh about something like that? D:


how can you not? The internet just fucking KO'd Chase, Mortal Kombat style, Flawless Victory

—I lol'd

[edit] Chase of Bel-Air

"Now this is the story all about how

chases life got flipped turn upside down

and I'd like to take a moment just to flame this tart

to tell you how chase became a meme on Deviantart.

In deviant communities born and raises

on Mspaint chase spent most of his days

tossin' off, wanking, fapping, all cool

coverin' his sonics with his sticky cum drool

when a over 9000 guys, they were up to no good.

Started making death threats in his neighborhood.

His mom got a dog, but ceiling cat got scared.

Said you're moving with SnapeSnogger and Manky83 on conceptART.

He whistled for a hedgehog, and when it came near

his license plate said "fuck u" and had shit on the queer.

If any thing he could say would to hate deviantART

But then thought, "Nah, I can't spell. Yo home, to conceptART!"

He clicked on the site about 7 or 8,

and he yelled to the hedgehog this place has no hate

looked at his pageviews, he was finally apart. To post his MS paints as the queer of conceptART."

[edit] Gallery of troll artwork


A gory demise....


Super kawaii amirite?!?! =^_^=

His artwork seen through his own eyes

Chase is an EXTREM Sonik fanboy

His artwork seen through everyone else's eyes


He liekz penis


Who didn't see this coming? Seriously?

Holy Shit! Better rendition is better!

EFG wishes he had 100,000 pageviews.

Bitches DO know, but bitches don't care


[edit] External links



* chasethehedgehog

* chasethehedgehog's webpage

* This has gone TOO FAR

* Chasethehedgehog is......

* Protect Chase club! Fake club. Oh well, Feel free to flame it anyway.

* [2]

* Chase 2.0!, it's not him, but troll him since he is still as retarded and lulzy as Chase.

Trolls and impostors(all sadly !banned unless stated)

* ToxicKitsune

* Chase Luver


* HuevostheHedgehog

* Blargtheblarghog

* chasethehedgehogy

* sadly banned

* Grolly the hedgehog

* Oh gawd, he's now on sheezyart

* Moar new account?


* Chase's new account. BANHAMMERED

* chasethehedgehog's new page deviantart page lulz.

* chasethehedgehog @ conceptart.org

* Chase's Youtube

Image:Dalogo.jpg Chasethehedgehog is part of a series on DeviantART

Visit the DeviantART Portal for complete coverage.

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