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When you open your browser, what's the first page you open/visit ?


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It's always my e-mails, but seeing as I have 2 accounts, and a Uni account, I check them all at the same time. After that, probably CVG, checking out the latest videogame news, then maybe Twitter, then onto the forums. If I can be bothered. It's usually every 3 or 4 days I log-on.

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Because I'm not someone who adds other websites as the homepage. Don't forget my parents unfortunately use this PC. My dad isn't a ICT literate, so he's not a keen person when it comes to computers, or the internet, I make it easy for him to use it, so google is the homepage. Plus, I just place the websites I go often to as favourites.

And yes, I use the search bar which is next to the address bar, but only sometimes.

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hmmm well...when i open firefox the first thing that's open, like TM said, the firefox google page.

the sites i first open once firefox is started (i open all these in seperate tabs at startup)

gmail, hotmail, thegtaplace, facebook, wmexpressway.net, engadget.com, autoblog.com, my usage page (net data usage), and perhaps TV guide.

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