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Create your character for the next GTA. Like his looks, his weapon, and basically anything you can thing of.

Head: Short, well kept hair that was covered by a Mafia-Style Hat. Green eyes, and a thin mouth.

Upper Body: Well built with a black suit and white undershirt.

Lower Body: Black Pants covering his socks and Black shoes.

Weapon: TommyGun

Skin Tone: Tan

Gang: The Mafia

Car: Zonda C12S

I will probably add more later. But I'm tired so I'm not thinking too well.

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hair:clown wig.


Upper Body:normal.

lower body:normal.

weapon:m4 with attached gernade launcher.

eyes:i dont give a shit.

car:2002 Nissan Skyline R34 gtR Mspec, Ztuned.

gang:mafia :cigar:

Edited by lil' nine
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i ABOUSTLY have to make another character

Skin: jamacian


Upper Body:fully muscled, sean john white cotten t with blue symbol in the middle

Lower Body:fully muscled, sean john pants highly detailed blue pants 1 leg up 1 down

Weapons:50 calb. sniper rifle


Car:66 cheville

Gang:vercitti gang

location:miami :D

Edited by lil' nine
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Head: Small with MotoX Helmet on White cornrows

Upper Body: Red Basketball jersey

Lower Body: Red basketball shorts with Blood Red Sneakers with dark red socks.

Weapon: Minigun but also uses an m60 an m4 and a m15

Skin Tone: Tanned White

Gang: His Own (North-Side Hoodys :lolbounce: )

Car: Nissan Skyline R34 FnF style

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Skin: white

Hair: Neck length, black

Eyes: Blue

Torso: Black suit jacket with white shirt underneath, and black tie

Lower body: Black suit pants with black polished shoes

Location: London

Gang: umm.. Lone wolf

Weapon: Knife, and Sawn off shotgun

Oh, plus he has an english accent. :D

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I'd like to see some kind of Rambo/Guerrilla-style military dude. I have a hard time explaining crap like this, so I'll let the categories speak for themselves...

Skin: Hispanic

Hair: Black, extending about 2" below his ears.

Eyes: Blue/Sunglasses

Torso: Jungle Camo, with a bandolier from his left shoulder to his right hip.

Lower Body: Olive-colored pants

Shoes:Sturdy but well-worn black Army boots

Location: Havana

Weapon: A high-capacity AK-47, like the kind used in that movie 44 Minutes.

Vehicle: Humvee w/ Camo net deployed by pressing R3

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Name: Alex

Skin: Tan

Hair: Short Spikes

Head: Blue eyes covered with sunglasses

Upper Body: A black undershirt covered by a Cape

Lower Body: Black Pants

Shoes: Black

Personality: Mysterious

Car: Black Admiral

Weapon: PSG1 Sniper Rifle

Gang: The Mafia or A Contract Killer

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Name: Jimbob

Skin: Tan

Hair: Curly type Afro thingy

Head: mostly covered by hair, he has thin lips and blue shades

Upper Body: Topless Abs thingy

Lower Body: Pajama Pants, strippy type

Shoes: Mochassons (something like that)

Personality: Tired

Car: The Sleep Mobile

Weapon: Machete

Gang: The Sleep Death Gang

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NAME: Lil Kon


SKIN: Black

HAIR: Short wearing a LA or COMPTON hat

UPPER BODY: T-Shirt and sometimes khaki shirt

LOWER BODY: Khaki Pants

SHOES: Chucks

GUN: 9mm

CAR: Cherry Red Lowrider

GANG: Compton Ballers

Only wearing Red, Black, or White shirts and hats

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Name-Tony Cipriani

Hair-Slick Elvis Style hair

Clothing-Starts off with tuxedo butt you can change clothing

Gang-use to be with the mafia

Background-was one of the mafian leaders when sent to assasinate a rival gang leader gets sett up loses everything and goes to jail after 5 years he leaves and is trying to hunt down the bastards who sett him up

Gun-Double Barrel Rifle

Car-Black Lowrider




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this will be my first person (crazy person)

Head:medium sized, turban


Shirt:Algirea pp28 suit with body amor

Pants:Algirea pp28 suit with thin bullet coast lining

Wepeon:rare sliver shilded plaged ak-47

Quote:Death to amercia

and my 2nd person

head:medium with compton hat

Skin:light brown with a small scar around eye

Shirt:white t or black or white compton hoodie

Pants:Blue or black jeans

shoes:white k's

Wepeon:9mm pistol

and my final person (bussines or hitman)

Head:Medium with tucked hat


Wepeon:tommy gunand a 44 revolver

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Name: Suzaro

Head: medium

Skin: white

Weapon: Tommy-Gun & Colt

Gang: Yacuza (The Mafia from Tokio...in the next GTA)

Car: Mafia Sentinel (or something better)

Gang's members: dressed in black, black shows, black hat, and black glasses.

Anothers things: At the Suzaro house must be guardiens with snipers at the roof.


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Guest hogey_bear

Name: Bez

Head: Medium sized, Brown spiked hair with highlights in

Skin Tone: Pale

Upper Body: Silver suit jacket, Pink shirt, Black dicky bow.

Lower Body: Silver suit trousers

Shoes: Black polished shoes

Weapon: Magnum

Eyes: Green

Location: London

Gang: East end boys

Gang car: A red renault clio like car

Personality: joker :P with a dark side :evil:

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Name : Dlon

Hair : Black, just under nose

Eyes : Very cool like Green with lil' bleu in it

Chlothes : a long jack like in the matrix , white shirt and black pants

Shoes : Boots not to high

Gun : Deagle and Shotgun!

Car : A Pick up like a Chevorlet Selvardo

Gang : I Create My Own Gang! (lol)

City : In The Dessert A Lilttle house

Girlfriend : A nice one :D

I forgot something?

:thumbsdown: SORRY FOR MY AD ENGLISH! :(

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Name: SIN

Head: Black Mohawk with peircings

Skin Colour: Pale

Upper Body: black leather jacket

Lower Body: Rippped jeans

Shoes: Steel cap boots

Weapon: 14 inch blade or Revolver

Eyes: Grey

Nationality: Australian

Location: London

Gang: Urban Myth

Assoc. Gangs: Mafia, Big Mitch Baker's Gang, Triad

Gang car: Chopper or a 32 T model ford roadster

Personality:Straight to the point, dry sense of humor

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Hair:Black buzzed.


Torso:Black tanktop.

Legs:Blue jeans.

Shoes:White shoes.

Head.Brown eyes

Personality:Does not take no crap,a born leader.

Weapon:AK 47.

Gang:Ties with Salvatore Leone family.

Location:Vice City


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Skin: White/tan


Hair: Black short hair

Facial hair: mid size side burns

Eyes: Dark brown

Gangs: renegade that meets new people

Body: Semi Muscular

Favorite outfit: Black shirt/Camo pants

Shoes: Skateboarding shoes

Weapons: Tacticle Sniper Riffle (M24)

Secondary: Walther P99

Nationality: Italian

Car: 2006 Mustang

Personality: a Sexy man that attracts ladies and

loves cars and is a professional hitman

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Skin: Brown

Age: 26

Hair: Cornrows

Eyes: Brown

Clothes: Very baggy

Shoes: White kicks

Body: Muscular

Weapon: Desert Eagle, AK-47

Nationality: American

1st Vehicle: Suzuki GSX-R 1300 Hayabusa turbo-charged and with a nice paintjob!

2nd Vehicle: Yellow Lamborghini.

(the game's location: South USA and Latin America, including Mexico and Columbia)

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I've created the following characters for use in a series of GTA fanfics I'm writing based in Liberty City, Vice City and Los Santos respectively, all of them set in 2005.


NAME: Sonny Antonio Sindacco

AGE: 19/20

ETHNICITY: Italian-American

VEHICLE OF CHOICE: BF-750 (Newer version of BF-400)

HANDGUN OF CHOICE: Beretta 8000 'Cougar' (9mm, 15 rounds per clip)

BACKGROUND: Son of Mike Sindacco (Killed around the time of Liberty City Stories by the Colombian Cartel.). The only Sindacco male left in Liberty City after the Sindacco family abandoned Liberty in 2000. Boyfriend of Alyssa Kasen, daughter of Yakuza boss, Surgen Kasen.

APPEARANCE: Dark Brown, untidy hair. Almost shoulder length.

Sometimes wears Sunglasses

Dark Brown Leather Jacket

Blue Jeans


NAME: Quentin Vance

AGE: 18

ETHNICITY: African-American

VEHICLE OF CHOICE: Flash (GTA: Vice City version of the Stinger)

HANDGUN OF CHOICE: Browning High Power DA (9mm, 14 rounds per clip) - Dual Wielded.

BACKGROUND: Illegitimate son of Lance Vance. Prominent member of street gang 'Black Power'.

APPEARANCE: Shortish, black hair.

Black Vest

Faded Black Jeans


NAME: Diego Mendez (No relation to T-Bone Mendez)

AGE: 17/18

ETHNICITY: Hispanic-American

VEHICLE OF CHOICE: BMX (Hijacks cars when required)

HANDGUN OF CHOICE: Astra A-100 (9mm, 15 rounds per clip)

BACKGROUND: Nephew of Cesar Vialpando.

APPEARANCE: Dark Hair. Slightly curly.

White T-Shirt

Grey trousers

Tattoo on inner lower left forearm

Edited by The Professional
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NO!"That`s not GTA".I don`t want to create my own character because it will ruin the game storyline.The main character in GTA series are the BEST (no other game has so much known main characters like GTAs)especially Tommy Vercetty.Let`s not change what is good about this game and put a character-creation.But if they will put C-C I wouldn`t mind but it`s not a good idea.

--posts merged--

sorry 4 double posting!I didn`t understand what is the topic about untill now so I`m gonn correct my post.Tis is how I want to be the main-character

Name:John Smith


Birth place:London,England



Eyes:blue(like mines)

Hair:short hair

Clotes:R* logo T-shirt+rapper jeans(I dunno the name,I forgot)+snikers



Preferred weapon:M4A1

Preferred vehicle:Infernus,PCG600

Biography:One of four brothers of the Smith fammily,that came in London from LC in middle 80`s.his father has connections with the MAFIA untill summer 2000 when the MAFIA boss tryes to kill all the Smiths but one of them escapes:JOHN.He will now try to revenge the death of his fammily by working for the one who killed his fammily:Alex Leone(this guy thinks all the Smiths are dead ).

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