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Do YOU Play an Instrument or Sing?


Do YOU Play an Instrument or Sing???  

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  1. 1. Do YOU Play an Instrument or Sing???

    • Yes, I play an Instrument
    • Yes, I play several Instruments
    • Yes, I sing
    • Yes, I sing and play an instrument
    • Yes, I sing and play several instruments
    • NOPE
  2. 2. How good are you at your singing/instrument(s)? (On a scale of 1-10)

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I used to play guitar a long time ago in practice sessions with a teacher and several other people, but since then, nothing. It was basic stuff, nothing advanced. I might pick it up again in the future, I'd love to play an electric guitar and play my favourite songs and show off to people.. I'd say I was a 4 or 5, not that great. I used 1 finger with the guitar, and didn't use the plastic thing, so essentially I was shit and a n00b.

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Been playing guitar since I was around 8 years old, though I've only been really serious about for a little over a year. Other than that, stuff that I have laying around to play are drums. I love singing, and am hoping to pick up a koto, bango, and a ukulele in the next few years. In all reality, one of my few dreams is just to have rooms with all sorts of instruments laying around.

I definitely am not the one who enjoys bragging, so I'd rather not say how good or bad i am at anything. You'll all probably hear something from me on MySpace or YouTube at one point.

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i used to play euphonium (baritone horn) (like a mini tuba) from y6 and then i gave it up in y12.



it was ok i guess, i played in the school band / marching band but then i quit mainly because i just lost interest at rehearsal we'd keep going through the same song because the new kids had no idea, and there was different new kids every week so we sorta got nowhere. and they wanted to have morning rehearsals too.

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I play guitar, real guitar... not so dang good. but I still like it, so no one can talk me into giving it up.

The other thing is singing, as a family we went to Church and sang hymns.

I think that really does train you to sing and improve. Most of my rating goes to singing better then playing anything on a guitar hahaha

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