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Which of these rappers do you like best  

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  1. 1. Which of these rappers do you like best

    • Bow Wow
    • 50 Cent
    • 2 Pac
    • Mike Jones
    • Eminem
    • Other
    • I Hate Rap

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My favourite rapper is 2pac. I agree with Sabin here, the lyrics actually meant something. Nowadays it's some 50cent rapping about ho's and more ho's in every song, the guy has even released his own line of sex toys. :huh:

@Tyler: I'm not sure if you were being sarcastic, because I really cannot tell, but if you're serious, then lmao. You consider true rap to be saying as much swear words as you can, and being black? Wow.

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I hate rap. Rap is just chaining up a couple of swear words and making them rhyme.


i agree there are rappers than only make rhymes and swear just to say they make music and sell something that people with not a very rich culture buy and listen to, i also wanna say that one of those rappers is 50 cent, i don't want to offend anybody but sometimes(?) he's pathetic...

but there are rappers that really have a message to share, about culture, about life, in one word about the reality, they present the world as it is, not the life of famous and rich people, the life of those that had problems in thier childhood, or they have no money and culture, but they do manage to see the coruption.

that's how i see it.

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rap takes no skill :angry: yo yoy yooooyoyoyo

Ok, then come up with a rhyme right off the top of your head then.

Pac was the shiz... always will be in my mind. He was a true rebel in the fact that he spoke out against the government and their poverty inducing ways, corporations and people with their shit behaviors.

50... fake as gently caress. I agree with most of you here that rap has turned for the worse with their constant mental duh-dribble of bling, weed and bitches. Originaly rap was a rebelious thing, bring that back! I listen to all kinds of genres though... I love math, and music is just that... math!

A person that only listens to one kind of music only shows how closed minded they are.

(no offence to those who's insecurities might take that the wrong way)

My alltime favorite... MARLEY!!!

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time to resurrect this topic. okay, first up, i buy mainly mainstream rap and hip-hop albums, and have bought lloyd banks, yayos and 50 cents albums, but now i feel 50 cent is getting as bad as, or worse than, poof daddy. He's starting to sing now - what happened to Get rich or die tryin' stuff, eh? Eminem as well, i really rate the guy, but now his stuff is beginning to sound a little samey. im talking about the last few songs he's been on though, eg you dont know, open doors, smack that etc.

banks was OKAY, nothing spectacular. Yayos album had SOME good songs and beats, but his lyrics are garbage. Buck isnt bad either, although i dont like south hip-hop, its all the same (outkast, slim thug, paul wall IM LOOKING AT YOU)

90's rap rules supreme, tupac beats the whole of g-unit hands down. I like rap when it has a message its trying to communicate, not guns and bitches, thats all in the past now. I think certain elements will just get worse, though.

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