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COD4, on the final prestige now, number 10 - the gold cross. I'm level 7 ATM, but I'll go back online this evening and should rank up to at least level 13 or more.

No way man, your actually there! Good luck.

Yeah man, I'm level 20 something now, I think level 23. I'll be done within 2-3 weeks, and then golden weapons. :D I was playing Fallout 3 earlier, trying to get a mission trophy - something happened on my other save game, and I never received the trophy when I finished the quest. Thing is, because I've discovered a certain location, I AGAIN can't get the trophy. Fking gay. Finished the game once, but am missing around 3 mission trophies, for the same problem.

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COD4, about an hour ago. Level 37 on last prestige, and I've resorted to using the noobish weapons so I'll be able to have a golden weapon(s) - currently using the M16, which I DETEST. It'll be ages until I get a golden weapon - 150 kills and headshots for every weapon in the Assault category, and that's assuming I reach level 55, which I'm expecting to.


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