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Okay.Now since it's only a few weeks from Halloween i'm just wondering who still like Halloween and who still goes trick-or-treating.I still like Halloween and am going this year finally with just friends.No parents. Oh and let's kno what you're gonna be this year for Halloween.IDK what i'm gonna be yet.Oh and for the people that don't like Halloween;don't flame the people that do like it.Just is dumb when you do that.

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OMG, not another one...

I live in South Africa not the dark ages!

We have computers, television, cellphones, ipods, modded cars, everything you've got in over there!

The only difference is that our country is still developing and we have alot of poverty.

America isn't the only place in the world with technology, pornography and proper sanitation you know.

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Really?South Africa.That's to bad.How do you play Gta and use computeters then?

WOW that was FUNNY. :rofl2: I saw that one coming.

I MIGHT go with my girlfriend and her friends. That is if I don't go to this pirate halloween party and get drunk. But I'd like her to go. If she can't go I'll probably just go out with her and her friends. Yeah. That sounds like fun.

What shall I wear? I think she'll make me dress as a pirate.

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And she'll probably make you put eyeliner on... KEKEKE!

As I'm looking at a brand new eyeliner pencil on my computer desk.... Apparently you haven't been in the Piccys topic, have you? She's put eyeliner on me. I've put eyeliner on me....

Infact, I dressed up as a pirate for her homecoming((it was pirate themed))...... I SUGGESTED I wear eyeliner. I personally see NOTHING wrong with eyeliner, eyeshadow, foundation, etc. Makes you look sexy. And if you have flushed cheeks, or maybe a small acne outbreak, foundation does wonders.

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Perhaps I could be both a zombie and a pimp.

I could be a zombie pimp.

But that's not that original.

Can't say I've seen it myself.

I'm going as a nudist.

But I don't celebrate Halloween. o.o


I have up halloween 6 years ago. I don't understand the point in dressing strange and asking people for candy.

For fun? Why the hell do we do a majority of the things we do?

Hell yeah!!!!! thats going to get you candy :innocent:

If by "candy" you mean "jail time"..... Then..... Yes.... :mellow:

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Ahh too bad you guys are missing out on something quite fun. Maybe you guys have some different kind of holiday that we don't celebrate.

You wont belive it.

I think Shifty might.

We (in India) have each month 5-10 days holidays(EXCLUDING SUNDAY) for festivals.

Right now its Diwali.Our New Year.And We have i month Holidays :thumbsup:

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Ahhh.. I think I've heard of Diwali. It's something to do with religon things right?

The Hindus here are not having much "fun". Because this part of the year is not actually full of celebrations. Except for festivals. In front of my house in Bali (which is where I am NOT located this moment), there are hundreds of people participating in religious dances and prayers. I don't know, it's just fun to pray together, makes us feel fresh. Oh, and lately we've been celebrating the arrival of Saraswati (the goddess of knowledge in Hindu beliefs). My family took a plunge in my house pool, which was filled with fresh flowers and a bit of dry rice, in our beliefs, doing that on the morning of the Saraswati Night will bring knowledge, and it did, my report got soooo many 7 out of 7s and no limited at all. LOL. Believe it man...

Well in Indonesia, (I'm Hindu, so not much going on right now) the Muslims are celebrating Idul Fitri, and are fasting, they're having a "Pesantren Kilat" (literally, quick quest) which is almost the same as you Christians and Catholics do in your Retreats, I went with them with some Christians (who at that time did not have a Retreat) too.

Catholics here are having Retreats. I heard it was fun, but i didn't participate in it. Unlike the Muslim's Pesantren Kilat, it was for Catholics only. Most girls that time cried on the "Confess" session of the whole thing.

Buddhists are having Kathina on Friday 20th of October. Four of my friends are Buddhists. And when my religion teacher was absent, I helped them making a display saying "Happy Kathina. May Buddha Allow Us To Follow His Steps in This Dark World" (in Indonesian, duuhh! :) )

That's all I know of what's up with the Religions in Indonesia.

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