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wuts ur fav part of vice city


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The car lot you buy.

Go round back & put any car in the a garage, start your own little rampage w/ the cops & continue 'til the Army shows up.

Collect FBI Rancher, Tank & weapons working from the pit, shoot down helis & make the 6 o'clock news. When you've had

enough, get tour car (civilian) out of the garage & pull into your own personal Pay & Spray to finish up. Then you take a

leisurely cruise around the city to collect your money.

THAT'S an afternoon well spent! B)

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Too many to decide...

The Malibu Club is funny to go with remote grenades, just chuck one in the middle of the dancefloor then go stand next to the bar and detonate it..

or a chainsaw

I like the sunshine autos (car lot) cos of all the garages, and the hyman condo cos of the helipad + garages + close to stadium

The mansion is cool to have shootouts with cops

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