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Ok. We seriously need a map of these.

How about...I post this map, ANY you find, PLEASE post here. Skip to the end, to get the most recent map. I might start something on Neoseeker as well. Hope it works.


PS. You guys missed the original VCS Easter Egg.


Sign says 'Nothing to see here!;

And I think the thread starter is a little misinformed. There was a main egg in every GTA game so far, they were all signs apart from the original VC, which had an egg on a podium. Thats more than just 4. :)

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these are the "ten easter eggs" no one has found all ten yet that i know of, i know a few have been found and formely posted around the net^^ somneone please find them all... i would but i dont have the game yet, i want it but ff12 comes b4 it...

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I found one under the bridge linking the west Washington Beach Island to the east portion of the district by the Washington Beach Poluice Department. Another one is on top of the yellow Prawn Island house, up against the north half wall thing which would prevent you from falling off.

EDIT: well...here ya go...


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