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I think playing runescape was a waste of time, most of the members could hack it and get alot of coins out of it, thats why it's so pathetic I stopped playing it. But when It was the holidays, most of my friends were on MSN, and they said they're playing runescape, so they played it 24/7.

So In the end it sucks really bad.

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Well yeah I guess it is but it took me 2 secs to lose my addiction after a year or so. But the guy who posted this topic(I know him) when he calls me to go over to his house, if played Runescape he'll usually say" I sold my addy for 20k!" or "I have 65k can you believe it?". He really wants me to be addicted to it. Everyone in my class hates it so much they walk around the class yelling We hate Runescape. No offence lego20 but I want you to remember all the kids who hate it.

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