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What pisses you off?


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things that piss me off?

paris hilton (that bitch should just die)

stupid kids who act "gangsta"

emos and their crap music

chavs and their crap music

hip hop and RnB crossover songs (<that REALLY pisses me off)

apple computers

the people that use apple computers, those arty farty, ponsey, trendy assholes that live in modern apartments in central london.

the fact that in the UK now, you can get shot by 10 year olds (wheres the dignity?)

and many more things i wont put down because id be here till tomorrow

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Uh, it's highly annoying, immature, stupid, pointless ect.

It just saying: "Hey guys, I've never been to school and and have no idea how to spell 'are' and 'you' and other things like 'too', 'for' ect."

It's just annoying...

paris hilton (that bitch should just die)

First sexy time, then die :)

I agree though, she's a bitch and should be banned of living, ha.

Oh, and everyone on a Mac.. they can die too. Bunch of overpriced, bad looking crap.

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This car here really pisses me off, it makes me want to vomit. and what really bugs me is that i know its still out there somewere. i swear to god if i ever see this car, i will torch it, crush it, and then throw it into a volcano so it will melt into nothing. i may even kill the person who made this piece of shit, too


it acctualy does look like it was painted with puke :tongue:

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Well theres many things that piss me off heres some of em.

My grandmas dog.


Taco bell.

My computer.

Kids who claim to do drugs.

The words pwn, owned, and noob.

Drunk rednecks who give you the finger after they cut you off.

Most emos. (most of them just want attention)


hmm well whatever thats all i could tink of at the moment.

Team killers, as in those people who go around on games and kill their own team? Oh. Ha. I do that. It's full of lulz.

And Taco Bell kicks ass.

And what if those "kids who claim to do drugs" really do drugs?

I use pwn, owned, and n00b.

Yea i know some kids actually do but i mean kids that only say it to make themselves feel cool.

and for the words pwn, owned, and noob its mostly people who over use it and it gets soo annoying

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Sites that allow users to submit their own reviews of games. Most of the time, some high-profile game like Halo or The Sims will get one or two reviews by someone who just hates the attention the game is getting, deserved or not. Their review will mostly be made of the most ridiculous argument as to why the game sucks and will give it a 0.

I mean, complaints range from Halo 3 having godawful graphics to Sims being so stupid, they'll starve themselves to death.

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