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Where would you rather live

K9 Krew

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Vice City preparate !

Sunday: Rest and another it'll be another beach day ...

Monday: Walking on the beach all day long

Tuesday: Visit Pole Position Club :lol:

Wednesday: Go to the Golf Club

Thursday: pay a lil' visit to North Point Mall

Friday: Visit Lil' Havana and Lil' Haiti B)

Saturday Night : Malibu Club

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i like VC, i guess i want to live in the main island, in the condo where the studio bridge is in the front(near north point mall, the white condo safehouse for Tommy)

starfish island is good, only i never imagined living with the riches, must be hell :P

i guess i'm too bored living in the city like SA or LC, because that's where i am living now, in the city :lol:

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