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What side do you take on politics!

Dirty Harry

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Well what are your political views, are you a stinking republican, a lousy democrat or a blinded comunist?

I have to go for no governement! Let the world be a total mess and chaos! I want anarchy or something like that.

Typical. 13 year old. Attitude.

I wanted anarchy at 13, too. Then I realized that anarchy sucked, and world domination was a MUCH better idea.

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blah blah blah, politics...i'm the kind of guy to start anti-tyrant riots. I hate fundamentalists of any kind. :pissedred: yea i was born catholic and even i disprove of some of the things some of the leaders of state as well as church do. the bible carries a relevant message. if you start taking it too seriously you miss the entire point.

Even I think that you don't really need the bible to live a moral life. All it's teachings can be found in real life like respect you neighbor, don't lie, kill, f*ck your best friend's wife etc. It bull sh*t how some people twist sh*t around and manipulate things to better suit them. Common propaganda that's all politics is to me. I wouldn't vote for someone because there this party. No, i check the person's character, after all you can't please anybody. Look at our administration today. 2/3 of them couldn't answer some of the questions we could think of because they wanna try to please everyone. I'd rather have a leader that's firm in their opinions than a douche who gets "amnesia" when asked "difficult" questions. :pissed:

ps google shepard fairy, obey propaganda, andre the giant, if you wanna open your eyes to how to shut the system down.

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Found this on /pol/, a comparison of the presidential candidates.

After looking at that list (and I can't believe I'm saying this) but I'd vote for either Clinton or Dodd.

Basically, if they don't support internet neutrality, action against Iran, education, the death penalty, healthcare, minimum wage, stem cell research, and pulling out of Iraq, then fuck em. Hilary may not be a nice woman but she, according to this chart, has a good stance on everything.

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We already had 8 years of Clinton scandals, she can stay home.

Now she's distancing herself from Obama & his previous drug use (may or may not have been dealing) & something about her

I just don't trust.

BTW, you can think her & the rest of the "Brady Bunch" for my being such a gun nut. I hadn't put a lot of thought into it until

they started saying I couldn't be trusted to own weapons (early '90s). My response was to buy a cheap SKS & the collection

has taken on a life of it's own. If you study history, you'll see a pattern among dictators that starts w/ taking away people's

right to keep weapons.

What do they have planned that they don't want law abiding citizens to own guns?

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Well, living in Australia, I supported Kevin07, and he got in.

I liked him cause Howard was just a Bush follower, that I pretty much guess fucked him up the arse. Now with Rudd, the Kyoto Agreement is now rectified, and the troops are coming out of Iraq. And he's setting up a high speed broadband network, life is gonna be sweet.

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