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Overrated TV Shows/Movies You Hate


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Overrated TV Shows or movies I hate

Well, I really hate Prison Break(9.1 on imdb :wtf:), I don't get it why all people around me like this show, also the media always praises this TV show ... I have watched one episode of it and it bored me to death ...

Other TV Show I hate is Benny Hill ... No comments needed ... :mellow:

If I remember more overrated TV shows I hate I'll write later ...

As for movies, I'm not impressed by The Matrix, Lord Of The Rings ( c'mon, 11 oscars for TROTK, the special effects were impressive but and deserved one Academy Award but just that. ).

Now the underrated movies I like ,

Get Rich Or Die Tryin' ( 3.6 on imdb :wtf: ) was a pretty good movie ... I rated it 8* on imdb ... I don't understand why people hate the movie, the acting was good, the sound was better and the directing was good too. People hate it because they hate 50 Cent ... I mean I hate Ludacris' music but I still like his character in LA Crash ...

The first Scary Movies are underrated too, those are pretty much the funniest movies I've ever seen, and they deserve more than 4 or 5 on imdb and other movie sites ...

I'll probably write more later, but if you have any [check topic title] you can write them here.

Peace. :cigar:

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Lord Of The Rings is just really boring too...

There's only one trilogy. And there's only one Return, and it's NOT of The King! :clapping:

Let me finish that quote for you Spaz. "...and it ain't of The King it's of The Jedi". Now that's one great movie. One of my favourites for sure. Let's see if many people have seen it. Clerks 2 anyone? :P

If you haven't seen the movie. Best interpretation of LOTR triliogy below. :lolbounce:

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I watched an episode of The Big Bang Theory that was on TV yesterday, and it was abysmal, really quite appallingly bad. The laughs seemed to revolve around the characters wearing stupid costumes, and lame one-liners, which weren't even funny. Probably one of the worst comedies I've seen in recent times, even worse than The I.T Crowd, and that's saying something. Also, Will & Grace, not bad, but very overrated.

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I don't know if this movie is underrated or not, but I think Shaun of the Dead is one of the funniest movies I have seen in awhile. It might be Simon Pegg that I like (I enjoy all his movies) but I laughed my ass off throughout that whole movie.

Overrated movies would be like I Am Legend, which bored me to shit and surprised me because Will Smith always produces good shit, and I really disliked American Gangster. I guess I expected better out of Crowe, seeing as how Denzel just tore his part up.

Oh and by the way, Clerks II FTW....funny shit right there!

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Wait... Star Wars wasn't a trilogy...

The Original Trilogy. You know back in the day? :P (Episodes 4,5,6)

Can Somebody fucking tell me why they started at 4? where they really that stupid back then? seriously, legit answer.

Lols, well at the time it was episode one. But after the new ones were created, since the old ones are in the future of the new ones they decided to change the numbering for each episode.

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