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Some of my personal favorites are Casino, Goodfellas and Heat.

Casino and Goodfellas are great mafia movies, both made by

Martin scorsacee (last name spell check)

heat has an amazing bank robbery scene specialy if you got 5.1 surround sound. this movie also has Robert Denero

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These are is no particular order:

- The big lebowski

- Goodfellas

- Orgasmo

- The Clerks

- Shaun of the Dead

- The Salton Sea

- Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

- Chopper

- Hana Bi

- Scarface

- The Castle

- Cracker Jack

- The Crow (1,2 and 3)

- Clockwork Orange

- Human Traffic

- Amelie

- The GodFather Trilogy

- The lone Wolf and Cub Series

- Take Away

- Harvey Krumpet

- Tom White

A few of these movies are australian so some of you might not of heard of them...

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A lot of them: Saving private Ryan,

Star wars (all),

Naked gun(1,2,3),

Wrongfully accused,


Enemy of the state,


Forrest Gump,

The postman,

Green mile,


Schindler's list

oh and terminator, but I havent watched the 3rd part yet

Those are 'excelent' rated movies by me.

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Who here thinks that Mission Impossible III is awesome?

It has so much potential to be such a shitty cheesy film, but actually works out pretty well. Its amazing considering its J.J. Abrams first proper film.

:o Didnt he create LOST? I cant imagine my life with our LOST. Yes Im that obssesed. I might have to see that film now.

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Lol, I still haven't watched it, since I have free time now I'm gonna do it now. Hey by the way what's LOST about? People stranded on some island but what's the twist here?

They are all on there for a reason. Are they being punsihed, is it fate or just a coincidence? There are the Others who say they are the good guys but are they? Then you have each characters flashbacks, why were they in Australia, was it just a holiday or something much deeper then that.

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