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Favorite Movies

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Okay this seems like the 10th time I've started this topic, but list your favorite movies!

Mine are...

Die Hard 1,3 (2 was "bad")

Matrix trilogy

Star Wars trilogy



Old School

Austin Powers trilogy

The Breakfast Club

The Italian Job

Rush Hour 1,2


The Blair With Project

The Ring

The Shawshank Redemption

The DC Video

Yeah Right!


I have a lot more, just can't think of them at the moment...

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Scarface is my favorite movie of all times. I've seen it more that 50 times. I got 5 Scarface posters in my room and anniversary edition dvd.

Other movies i liked were:

-The Matrix 1-3

-Paid in full

-Donnie Brasco

-Wild Style

-Style Wars



-Full Metal Jacket

-Black Hawk Down


-Malcom X

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It's impossible to type down all favorite movies. There's just too many to remember and list. I'm settling with stopping at ten.

28 Days Later

Almost Famous

Back to the Future

Benny & Joon

Dawn of the Dead

Edward Scissorhands



Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail

Pump Up the Volume

-shudders- I absolutly despise that. I'm more of a "The 28374559438th Llama" person.

Back to the Future Trilogy

Dawn of the Dead

Edward Scissorhands



Shrek 2

I took the ones of these past posts that I liked.

Wow, the ones I like are basically the only ones I saw.

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