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Favourite Music Genre


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Any kind of rock rules. How can you not like bands like Green Day (especially the old skool stuff), Simple Plan, F-Ups, Foo Fighters, Sum41, Falloutboy, Rooster, American high 5 etc.

I hate all of those bands except for Foo Fighters.

I like the "old" Punk Rock. Today's "Punk Rock" (Such as Green Day, Blink 182, etc.) is shit in my opinion.

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I like both rap and rock. I get hell from my black friends that are all into rap and hate rock for liking rock, and I get hell from my white friends that are all into rock and hate rap for liking rap.

Rap: Tupac, Mac Dre, E-40, Keak Da Sneak, Turf Talk, Afroman(lol) to name a few

Rock: Fall Out Boy, Foo Fighters, Johnny Cash(country tho), Korn, System Of A Down

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I'm a big fan of industrial, power metal, and prog. metal.

Fav. bands: Tool, Nine Inch Nails, Dream Theater, Helloween, Skinny Puppy, A Perfect Circle, Alice in Chains, DragonForce, Filter, Symphony X, and Nirvana, just to name a few.

(Though, I've been dabbing into Indie music lately; Bright Eyes, Sufjan Stevens, Elliot Smith)

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Heavy Metal, Grunge-Metal, Power Metal, Hair/Glam Metal, Progressive Rock/Metal, Alternative/Metal, Nu-Metal, Solo Guitar/Instrumental Heavy Metal...bands as of right now:

Black Label Society

Dream Theater

Guns N' Roses

Ill Nino

Judas Priest




Motley Crue


Alice In Chains

Stone Temple Pilots


Ozzy Osbourne



Steve Vai

Van Halen

Joe Satriani

Yngwie Malmsteem

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