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It's my 2nd from last hand-in for work on Thursday and Friday, and it feels weird. I only have 1 more to go before Uni is over and I'll need to get a job. I'll start planning for that within the next month or so. On a lighter note, I've got quoted in the latest PLAY mag again. It seems to be a regular occurance these days:


I get quoted as the bossman because that's my name on their forums.

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Life bitchslaped me again today, two friends broke their word and it wrecked my whole day. Oh my, this was a hell of a week for me, waking up in a good mood but having the worst days. It helped me realise what entuziasm an optimism can do to a man. I'm so sick of this time of life ( late adolescence ) when any trouble is like the end of the world. Conclusion: I will avoid entuziasm and will always expect worse, because I'm tired of disapointements and it's better that way.

Loneliness these days ( or maybe so far the entire life ) is demoralising me, throwing me in the abyss with toughts of a sad and lonely death.

Seing all the people happy and in good mood everyday increases the sadness.

I'm fully aware of that whole "this is life, it'll all pass, good times will come" stuff but I just see them far away, when I'm happy I'm happy when I'm sad I'm sad, that's it.

I'm sorry for the corny lines, I have a manner to do this, also I could care less if anybody reads what I just wrote, because I know who reads (if) gives a c**p... I'm just applying writing therapy therefore I'm a boredom spreader.

Notice the egocentrism in my post, almost each sentence starts with "I".

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Most of my songs start with "I" in each sentence, pardner - Hehe.


Well, I havent got much to say... Dont know if anyone remembers me around here.

It's been pretty much a long time ago I didnt sign in here.

I got back to sweden with my mamma, and we havnt got own house by the moment, so there's we dont have acces to internet so often, but i can get to my brother's house and use his comp', that's pretty good.

I miss my friends over there in chile... and my gal (Even though she never became actually "mine", we're just friends, but I hope the lord will make a miracle... who knows...), but it's pretty nice over here, we've got a lot of snow.

I see forward to get a house, a computer, and internet soon, so i may be posting again in a few months :)

Well, there isn't much more to tell.

God bless ya all, and se ya later.

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I received a sweet 32 inch HDTV yesterday as a birthday gift from my parents, and everything looks so amazing in 1080P. :D We already have 2 other HDTVs but to have one in my bedroom is fantastic. At first I had a lag issue with the action on screen, but I changed the settings easily via the PS3, shortened the screen to how it should be and it works perfectly now. Worked it out all on the first day, too. :) I haven't tried watching a Blu Ray on it yet, but I'm sure it'll be amazing.

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Got my interview for my Graphic Design degree admission on Friday. Brickin' it. Also has job, knackered as hell 24/7 but the pay isn't half bad, so in a few months I should have a nice rig set up ready for a lazy ass summer (when infact my holidays officially start 19th May). Gotta go in a couple of times to college though since it's tradition that all art students hold a personal exhibition of their cumulative work.

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Hi guys,

I went on a somewhat long absence from here and a lot has happened. The reasons I was away for so long was that I was stuck in Florida for the whole of April and I am focusing on school at the moment. I have came on in the past fortnight or so but I didn't make any posts or anything.

I have to apologise to Gerard for not helping out with the GTA VC Gameplay & Help forum as I am Forum Boss of that but I've simply not had the time in the past 3 or 4 months but I am hoping to continue on with this job into the summer and I didn't feel attached to the internet as I was before due to the death of my beloved dog in February.

Anyway back to real life. Next week (the week that begins on the 24th of May), I will be going on a Duke Of Edinburgh Award expedition in the Ochils in Central Scotland and I will be going to Alton Towers again on Thursday evening, hopefully arriving on the morning of Friday. It will be fun week hopefully, but I bet my feet will be killing me so I'll be able to sleep on the bus ride to Alton Towers. :D


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I need to do a re-sit for one of my Uni bits of work, my Major Project. Might go in tomorrow to see if I can pick up the failed work so I can make changes and do what needs to be done. I applied to loads of places for a part time job and received no replies. I asked for a non paid placement for my work experience several months back and didn't get a place, but I still passed after working with my dad. So people are reluctant to hire anyone it seems, even in a non paid position. I guess robbing banks is always an option eh.

Have also been quoted again in the new Play mag out in early August. Have been quoted for at least the last 6 months in a row in there. :)

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Major bump! Come on, every forum needs an active community thread.

So noticed that I had my 5 year TGTAP anniversary a few days ago. Hooray! On a bit more serious note, I had my last school exam today. Will be getting my finals starting 16'th of May. I'm actually not all to sure about making it.. I'm a beta guy, but I follow Latin too, but is seriously impacting my aggregate. Without it everything actually would be fine.. but hey..

If any of you are sort of interested in literature, I'd recommend reading Ovid's Metamorphoses. Now it may be a 2000 year old book, but I'm really enjoying reading it. It requires a little bit of background knowledge of the classical period (of Greece) though, but not as much as you'd imagine. Just know the names of the Gods and who they were and just remember that homosexuality was seen as true love. And perhaps note that Augustus (the ruler at the time) didn't like Ovid that much, cause he basically preached that you have to go out with as many women as possible. Ovid wrote a book about picking up women by the way and it's surprisingly up to date for a 200 year old book. It's called Ars Amatoria, if any of you guys are interested. Which means: The Art of Love. Pretty self explanatory. This was a time that August wanted people to all settle down and have a huge family (to make the nation strong), instead of men just fucking around a bit, so naturally August hated Ovid. Or at least, there are indications in his book. There are some very generous compliments regarding August in the metamorphoses, but they seem to be slightly sarcastic. Anyway, just read it if you're interested. I sure liked it.

I also thought of coming with an "I'm back!" statement, but then who knows for how long.. Only time will tell. Trying my best to stir op some activity.

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Sup everyone?

It's been a long time, I doubt most people remember me? I used to always post in trivias and fun/off-topic.

I disappeared round August 2009 as I was just starting my 1st year of college, and although it took time to settle, I liked it I didn't know any people at first and my only friend was still in his 6th year of high school.But I soon got in there with everyone at college, Nice people there, no idiots, no bullies, no douchebags, totally different from high school in every better way.

I even got funding so i soon began to go clubbing every weekend, meeting women, making more friends :D etc... college changed me into the kind of guy i never thought i'd become, my self-esteem issues are kinda gone but they relate back to the way I was treated in high school. In college, everyone is normal and decent. and I got 2 jobs during the summer of 2010 after graduating my first year of college in Scotland (btw, that's where I'm actually from). At the same time, I enrolled in a spanish evening class at University.

I finished my 2nd year last June with a grade A on the final college exam and a grade B on the spanish exam, and am starting another course in September. This summer's been okay, had a nice 2 week break in france, except it's impossible to find work where I live and i'm pretty low on cash until i have a source of income again.

This will probably be the last period of time I'm active, since I'll be back to being a full-time student in September. :)

So what'd I miss in my time of absence?

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Good to see you came around, Nate. I knew we'd see you soon :D And I can't.. I'm not going to have xbl until at least Oct 1. Sorry bro!

No worries. Give me a heads up when the gold is up and running. Hey Huck. It's going well. Cool to see you



Will do! And Huck, UO doesn't have an operating computer at the moment.


Yeah, so I've read. Missed him a lot and his Sportster, you know.

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