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Its looks like more than 3/4 of us are all under age to be playing GTA. But no one stops kids from playing it so i dont really care about people been underage.

Noone really gives a crap about the age things. I don't my parents dont, lots of parents don't.

EDIT : Lemme rephrase that Parents DO care but they ignore the ESRB thing. Well a good 75% of em do.

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People seriously do not understand this. It isn't like alchohol or tobacco. The age limit isn't for PLAYING the game, it's for BUYING the game. -_-

It does include playing the game a bit, cause of the content, like you can drink and smoke if your underage if your at home, yet outside its not allowed, Yet there will be some underage kids playing GTA:LCS outside on their PSP yet the rules dont count.

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