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The best Phil Cassidy


Which Phil do you like!  

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  1. 1. Which Phil do you like?

    • GTA3's Phil
    • GTAVC's Phil
    • Both
    • Who is PHIL?!
    • Don't like either of them

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Vice city, definitely. He has a sense of humour, unlike gta 3 where he just said his lines and moved on. I like the cut scene when he tries to detonate the bomb he has, and tommy ducks twice because he thought it'd blow up. He also incurred one of my favourite missions, when you gotta get him to hospital, and hes freaking out lol.

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Who is PHIL!? Nah, just kidding man :P Phil is pretty damn cool and all, I like him, but he was definitely a lot better in GTA VC, he was really funny and all and made me laugh a couple of times, so I'll say Phil in Vice City '86. And I don't think it's anything wrong with bumping this kind of topic, and I understand your curiosity why the topic starter didn't put Phil from LCS, well maybe because you didn't really had anything to do with him? He just had that shop in Staunton Island and I don't even think it was Phil who stood there in the shop, I think it was someone else.

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GTA VC's Phil, in GTAIII, i don't understand the words that coming out of him, and he's a little crazy because he said that his hands got lost in a vietnam war, but i don't know, maybe it was just some acid flashbacks, because tommy and phil got really drunk that time, but i'm driving while laughing because phil said "charlie" that time :lol:

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